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Coursework of the Module ‘Database’: Shilpee Theatre Company

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1. Company Introduction

1.1. Introduction to Company

Shilpee Theatre, located in Battisputali, Kathmandu was established in 2006. It has two modern theatre halls, 'Gothale Theatre' with 210 seat capacity which was named after the much-acclaimed Nepalese playwright late Govinda Bahadur Gokhale, and another ‘Shilpee Theatre’ with 180 seat capacity. In the Nepali language, the word Shilpee means ‘artist’. (Anon., 2018)

It was established with five theatre artists and there are ten members in the group. Among ten members, five are full-time artists, two are administrative staff, two are ushers, and an Artistic Director with a Board of Directors to support and lead its activities. Shilpee aims to draw raw stories in the theatre laboratory from the society, polish it and send it back to the society as the delicious theatrical dish. Shilpee theatre mostly runs a social play as it believes drama can play an active role for the society to raise awareness to eradicate different social problems. This theatre has worked with different organizations like MS Nepal, Action Aid Nepal, World Vision International, and SAWTEE. (Anon., 2018)

1.2. Current Business Activities and Operations

  1. Customer: There must be at least one customer to start the play. To check the “now showing” and “next showing” plays people can check our website. Customers can be both old and new. The customer watching plays regularly for five years is regarded as old customers. Old customers will be provided with certain amount of discount.
  2. Ticket: The customer can book their tickets either online by visiting our website or by purchasing the tickets from the reception of the theatre. The interested customer have to book their ticket one day before the play because the theatre may be houseful. There will be checking of the tickets at our entrance gate. The price of the ticket is very reasonable and varies according to the seat of the theatre. All the information of the customer is tracked once the ticket is purchased.
  3. Employees: There are five full time artists, two administrative staff, and two ushers working in the theatre. The seating arrangements are done by the ushers according to the seats booked by the customer. If the employees are willing to watch the show, they but need not pay for the tickets. The family of the employees will also get certain amount of discount. The salary of the employees depends upon the job position on the theatre.
  4. Food: Employees will get free food three time a day which include breakfast, lunch and dinner. The customer will have to pay for the food they would like to eat. The customer can also bring their own food if they want to.
  5. Play: One play can run for several days. Many employees can work in one play. The play can be shown in both of the theatres at the same time. The play duration is maximum for 4 hours and minimum is for 30 minutes. In some occasion, we conduct street play as well.

1.3. Business Rule

  1. Many employees may work on one play.
  2. One customer can do multiple bookings at a time
  3. Employees will get free food and customer have to buy their food
  4. One play may run at many theatres
  5. Employee can be customer as well
  6. Old customer will get a certain amount of discount.

2. Critical Evaluation

2.1. Further discussion on learning experience

In the coursework of the module ‘Database', we were assigned to design and implement a Theatre Operator system. The coursework was very much helpful for better understanding of database which made more familiar with designing and developing database system and normalizing the database into 3rd normal form.

First of all, a case study on Shilpee Theatre was done through their website. The business rules, business activities and operations of the theatre was studied from which the required information was found and the scenario was also made according to the information of the theatre. Many difficulties were faced while completing the coursework, one of which was normalization. Normalizing the database to 3rd normal form was quiet difficult and challenging. To overcome the obstacle in normalization many research was done from different web resources. Also, the information and examples in lecture and tutor slides was very helpful. Analyzing the entities was very important for doing the normalization. So by looking the scenario, entities and attributes were finalized and normalization was done. Then, an ER diagram was created based on those entities and the table was created and value were inserted. After creating table, the given queries were done.

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All in all, it was a great experience doing the coursework which required a lot of hard work and research. But, all the hard work and research was very fruitful as it made more confident while designing and implementing database which is very useful not only for the successful completion of the coursework but also for the future basis. Also, our tutors has helped a lot to overcome the problems we faced. Thus, the coursework was difficult, challenging yet interesting.

2.2. Critical assessment of coursework

The coursework of the module ‘Database’ was given in week 6 which has to be submitted in week 11. In these weeks many researches and findings were done about database in order to do normalization and solve different queries. At first, it was very tough to understand the coursework and to implement it. But, after many findings things were much trouble-free than before.

This module relates to two of the modules in this semester, one is ‘Software Engineering’ and the other is ‘Emerging Programming Platforms & Technologies’. In both of the modules, database helps to store the obtained data securely and systematically. Similarly, to avoid different kind of data loss or data insecurity database is very important. Many skills and knowledge was obtained through this coursework which is very useful for our future purpose. The skills and knowledge obtained from this coursework will be helpful in the long run in terms of perusing future studies in the field of database and to work in the field related to database management system. The knowledge of normalizing data can be very helpful for reducing data redundancy and the experience gained throughout the project will be very much fruitful in future.

Likewise, this module has also helped directly or indirectly to do much better in other modules as well. After completing the coursework, knowledge about database has increased. Moreover, concluding the coursework was a very challenging thing which required a lot of dedication.


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