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Blockchain is a robust technology, it allows each owner to transfer an amount of money directly from person to person without the requirement of central authority or intermediaries. It is a technology underlying Bitcoin. Every transaction block set with its own hash value, which entitled a transaction finder with a set of inputs and outputs. A block in a blockchain network can store the details about who is involved in the transaction, date, and time etc. instead of your actual...
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Do you know that around 800 million people are currently vulnerable to many life-threatening risks like floods, droughts, hurricanes, heat waves, sea-level rise, and extreme weather events? Species are going extinct. Oceans are suffocating. Ice regions are melting. And the lives around us are at stake all because of our actions like deforestation, excessive carbon emissions, pollution, etc. At the same time, we are also seeing the convergence of the technological. biological, and physical realms. The Internet of Things, artificial...
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Stepping away from blockchain’s economic impact, its impact on society as a whole is just as influential. Firstly, the creation of digital identities not only affords individuals financial inclusion but also political and social opportunities such as the right to vote. Moreover, these identities enable us to prevent human trafficking, forced labor and child labor (Lapointe & Fishbane, 2018). Blockchain has also been used to store land registry information to allow individuals to prove their land ownership, preventing fraud and...
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Voting and ensuring a secure election system for candidates in the government or any society is essential and undoubtedly one of the most important processes that needs to be managed with high precision so that a fair representation of the votes can be reflected when making the decision. However, with the advancement of technology and hacking tools available for exploitation, malicious methods are being put to test to infiltrate the database as well as voting machines to distort and create...
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Abstract: In the last decade, numbers of papers were published about blockchain and cryptocurrencies. We evaluated a portion of the well-known cryptocurrencies, and every cryptocurrency has its own pros and cons. It is a tedious task for the researchers to select a cryptocurrency, which is ideal to implement and also demonstrates better outcome on a diverse dataset with respect to performance, energy, time and security. These are the issues, which are confronted by the researchers. So our work concentrates on...
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Abstract A patient’s medical record identifies the patient and contains information regarding the patient’s case history information such as medical history,care or treatments received,testresults,diagnoses and medications taken.These information regarding the patient records can be misused or stolen or even lost because of the third party access.At times insurer may not have the updated medical information and hence may refuse to pay for the treatment.So to overcome these issues we store the patient records on the blockchain.By implementing the patient records...
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