Bureaucracy in the Modern Day Society: Analytical Essay

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It was noted by Max Weber that, it is inevitable to live independently from rationalization in today's societies and Organizations therefore it safe to state that Bureaucracy is impossible to destroy. Bureaucracy and rationalization became an important tool instrument of organizing our society and corporations. Furthermore, bureaucracy seems no longer a stable truth, with the flattening of hierarchies and delaying, the question of whether this is an end of bureaucracy or the shift from bureaucracy to another sort of new governance is still controversial. Annesh (2001) argues that is not from more to less governance, in fact, the old form of governance is increasingly amended in the technology itself without mitigating the effect of earlier bureaucracy and its efficiency. Therefore, it is worth stating that bureaucracy and rationalization is still predominant in the 21st century. More specifically, the argumentation shall be centered on the importance of discretion in modern organizations. The theoretical-based evidence shall be explored from these modes of organizational governance which incorporate bureaucracy.

The Rise of Bureaucratic Organization

According to Anon (2007) Bureaucracy have been around for a long time. They were an essential feature of preindustrial empires such as Rome and dynastic China. These empires have attributed to the endurance of development and use of effective bureaucracies. They both had administrative which governed territories far as hundreds and thousands of miles from the empire's capital and defended their territories from their enemies. In addition to imperial governments, complex bureaucratic structures have survived throughout the 19th and 20th centuries thriving in Christian churches which were effectively adapted from the Roman organizational principles. However other world's greatest religions Hinduism, Buddhism and Islam have successfully thrived with many linear organizational structures. By the second half of the 19th-century Bureaucratic organization began to spread from a few political and religious domains into private enterprise as economies became larger and more complex., the scope of management.

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In the 21st century, bureaucracy has been imposed in computer systems, events are being automatically monitored each event which leaves no freedom for action staff, and people are skeptical about it. monitoring and control devices of the 'information panopticon' which are vital tools for intelligent systems, smartphone and cameras has dominated the organization of which weber referred to as the process of rationalization of the workforce. however, it seems as people would be totally controlled by technological machines in the next few years to come. It is even evidence in the working environment and other corporations that humans are being replaced by machines to fulfil functions that would have required human capabilities. Many sociologists have argued that innovation and rationality is evolving and influenced and has become more efficient throughout time, by the rationalization of organizations. Furthermore, bureaucracy has been revised in computer technologies by storing vital information about the organization involved. Employees from many of these organizations are no longer utilize for their creativity; rather they are dehumanized by the rise of information and technology that has become prominent today. In the current state of organizations, rules are ideals to most, of which people are mainly concerned about the use of non-human technologies. Machines become the most vital most leading workforce in the 21st century, resulting in most of the corporations like McDonald to use computers to record information about customers, with tracking devices and tracking system to pinpoint their customers. As a result, bureaucracy and rationalization remains relevant today and it has been instilled on individuals around the world.

Algocracies is still finding its way for utility with its dominance in most governing organization. Lan (2009:11) . As many systems analysts are coming with ways to findings in the inefficiencies of institutions that prefer to replicate the previous work structure into software systems despite the systems (Annesh, 2001). By placing algocracies into bureaucratic turns to shift structures on different forms. This attempt of involving algocracy is to completely restructure their organization through various Enterprise systems. Attempts of avoiding the inefficiencies of earlier systems is by reevaluating the very structure of the organization. An organization like McDonald's tends examine these principles in their franchises around the world, which allows the possibility to create work organization coded in software programs to customize business's needs (Gregory 2003). In India software companies are in the business of selling customized organizations, a ready-made templates and modules of supply chain management, payroll, job costing, sales force automation, product lifecycle management, and customer relationship management. Corporations have experienced different physical structure through Algocratic governance. The Corporations' ability to be involved in information that is globally based in the same organizational template can be accessed through remotely located data servers. Algocratic workflow seem to be appropriate for this middle managerial role, this information enables networks to provide and safe passage between distribution and production without the need of a middleman. Algocracies employ a different network codes that govern workflows according to underlying schemes of complex of techniques for control and access such as electronic firewalls, gateways, packet filters, and proxy servers. Algocratic governance is itself a combination of all such techniques, such as network codes with their electronic protocols, coordination, and architecture.


According to Max weber (1978),' bureaucracy is structure of domination, which indicates power of the office'. It is marked by authority relations that destroys old modes of trust and social hierarchies of estate and honor, replacing them with 'rational techniques' of domination and has dominated the whole world by the 21st century. He further emphasized that bureaucracy dominates its power through knowledge ‘The fate of our times is characterized by rationalization and intellectualization and, above all by the disenchantment of the world” (Weber 1978:18). With many arguments in the years that pass and years to come it is safe to conclude that Bureaucracy operates independently which in its nature is impersonal, ’without regard for persons’ or people that are brought into the bureaucratic organizations to fulfil their obligation

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