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Christina Rossetti, one of the most prominent female British poets, was born in 1830, and wrote during the height of the Victorian age. As a well-educated, but unmarried woman, she would have been intimately familiar with the standards that the fairer sex were held to, the most important of which was purity. As journalists Karen Prior points out, purity, or virtue, was almost always equated with virginity in the Victorian era, and so women who had transgressed sexually in the...
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What is the most terrifying and thought provoking topic? Some people would say death within a heartbeat. Death is unknown, sudden, and perhaps lonely. It’s unnerving because death can come with a great extent of emotions like grief, anger, and loneliness. Christina Rossetti was an English poet in the Victorian age who was known for her themes of death and strong emotions in her poetry. The poem “Echo,” published in 1862, contains lots of imagery and symbolism that reference the...
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Women’s Bodies’ Transactions in the Home and the Marketplace from the 1860s to the 1890s This paper critically discusses women’s gradual entrance in the public sphere by considering their bodies’ transactions in the home and the marketplace from the 1860s until the 1890s. This will be done through a detailed analysis of the particular historical and political contexts, along with considering the different genres, of the following three primary texts: Christina Rossetti’s fairy tale poem Goblin Market (1862), Frances Power...
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Explore how one of the stereotypes we have studied on this course (e.g. the fallen woman, or the self-made man) is represented in one or more texts. Fallen Women is a Victorian concept to address women who had sex outside of marriage. It was considered an immoral act because women were taught that giving in for their sexual desires was a sign of weakness, and only those who were strong enough to repress them could create a good morally influenced...
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Animal-shaped goblin men, with their exotic fruits, in a mysterious jungle with two young maidens, all the elements you would expect of a fairytale in Christina Rosetti’s “The Goblin Market”. I’m not convinced that, that is all there is to this poem however, once you look under the surface. This tale of a curious girl named Laura who gets tempted into eating a fruit she wasn’t supposed to and is then saved by her courageous sister Lizzie sounds oddly familiar....
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Two poems, Remember by Christina Rossetti and Funeral blues by W.H Auden have the same motif of loss yet are almost the antithesis of one another in execution of attitudes to death. The speaker, Christina Rossetti in her poem Remember entreats her lover for remembrance after death yet speaks with a poignant realism in the acceptance that he may forget her for a while, seeing it as ultimately better for him to “forget and smile” than to “remember and be...
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One of the more interesting results from the relationship between writers and their readers lies in the transcendental nature of the work they produce. The work writers leave behind will always be left open to interpretation by future generations of their readers. What I find fascinating is the writer, however, can never fully grasp the historical and cultural implications their writing may have across time, political and socio-economic movements and international borders. When Victorian era poet Christina Rossetti wrote her...
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The Victorians saw poetry itself and its muses as feminine, making it doubly difficult for women to be authors of poems and so effectively silencing them . Christina Rossetti's contemporary female poets placed themselves outside of the sphere of male poetry by forging a unique discourse of their own from within the patriarchal form, but they were also bound by the assumptions and the expectations of the time. This gendering of poetry often trivialised women's writing, as poetry was 'too...
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Before the Victorian era, there were very few famous female poets. However, during this era, many important female poets were born, such as Emily Bronte, Elizabeth Browning and Christina Rossetti. Christina Rossetti was one of the most important female poets in the nineteenth century. She was viewed as a typical Victorian poet, who frequently wrote about love and faith. This poet wrote many excellent poems such as “Remember” which is a sonnet that reflects her beliefs on love, death and...
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In ‘Maude Clare’, Rossetti shows a powerful alternative type of woman – Maude Clare. The name is significant as ‘Maude’ derives from the word ‘warrior’ and connotes extreme strength and power, thus presenting women and their female sexuality as a powerful weapon that only warriors like Maude Clare and women possess. However, there are similarities between this poem and ‘The Duchess of Malfi’ as Rossetti uses the noun ‘queen’ to describe Maude Clare at the end of the first stanza...
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