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Circles Are Better Than Squares

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Circles are better than squares. This is a fact, not a statement. Through research, the concept that circles are superior to squares has been proven. The circle found throughout the domain of the human experience. Whether it be nature, architecture, religion, design or spirituality, circles are a key part of human civilisation and obviously the greatest shape of all time.

What are the reasons for why circles are so much greater than squares? There are several reasons for the superiority that circles have over squares ranging from cognitive and perspective to physiological to psychological impacts.

When it comes to the cognitive and perspective side of the debate over the better shape, the circle is clearly the superior contender. Countless studies confirm this statement, through testing eye tracking (more visually pleasing), impact on the brain and emotion, as well as physiological and psychological impacts.

An in-depth eye-tracking test on young infants discovered that humans already show a visual preference for circles over squares. This research explains a connection that humans are born with a connection towards the circle as it is a more visually pleasing and peaceful shape.

Swedish psychologist Helge Lundholm in 1921 held a study based on the human perception of different types of lines. The participants of the test were asked to describe the emotions that they felt after viewing different types of lines and how it affected their mood. Angular lines were described as harsh, hard and cruel, while curved lines were described as gentle, quiet and mild. For this reason, circles are known to be more visually pleasing and have a positive impact on the human brain compared to the negative impact of the squares. Countless studies following Lundholm’s findings were performed to test the theory and connection between emotions with different shapes and lines. Several studies including typography, the study of writing and font design, as well as studies that utilized certain brain mapping technology, functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), enabled scientists to verify Lundholm’s testament/ theory of the connection.

The fMRI found that part of the brain, the amygdala, was stimulated more whilst processing the information of straight lines than it was processing curved lines. The function of the amygdala is to release stimuli such as; anxiety, fear, and aggressiveness.

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Lundholm’s (1921) scientific study confirms the psychological concept that the majority of humans are more attracted to a circle or curved lines and describe the shape as the following; sprightly, sparking, dreamy, soaring, light, safe, gentle, pleasant, graceful, dreamy, and even beautiful shape that evokes calmness, peacefulness, and relaxation.

Swiss mathematician and physicist Jurg Nonni, author of ‘Visual Perception’, suggests that removing edges allows us to more quickly perceive an object. In the study, it was disclosed that circles are easier to process than squares, therefore, increasing our ability to memorise important information. The eye is drawn to circles and the information contained within, they are faster and easier for the brain to process than hard-edged squares and rectangles.

Not only are their countless psychological studies that prove circles are better than squares, but there is also physiological reasoning as well. The human eye is a circular overly complex perceptive organ that humans use to view the world. More than half of our brain is used to process visual perception. The eye is made up of spherical orbs with several circular elements inside, such as the iris and pupil. These elements filter light into the retina for the brain to process enabling us to see. Due to the spherical shape of these elements, there is a natural circular structure for our visual field. This geometrical factor of the human’s process of visualising the world is a strong explanation for the obvious connection that humans have with circles. This biological evidence further reinforces the fact that circles are superior to squares.

Circles are around us in everyday life. They are one of the most fascinating mathematical shapes due to their structure and the history behind how we understand the shape. Not only are they mathematically important, but they also play a huge role in the history of mankind. Over the past 4,000 years, circles have been used in cultures all over the world as a religious tool. One of the most famous historical construction is Stonehenge in Wiltshire, England. This circular structure was used as a spiritual site and is suggested to be arranged as an astronomical observatory and had a scientific relation to the sun and its orbit. For instance, in ancient Greek culture, the circle was thought of as the perfect shape due to its symmetry and balance in nature. Greek mathematicians where some of the first people to become interested in circles’ geometrical properties. One of the most revolutionary geometric concepts during the Greek Mathematical times was ‘Squaring the circle’. The concept was to create a square using the same area as a circle. This concept was never solved as it was proven to be impossible in 1882 due to the geometrical construction. This would enthuse future mathematicians to pursue the quest to find answers around the mystical shape.

Due to the circle being omnipresent in nature, there are several advanced theories and difficult concepts that involve the main principals of circular geometry crafted through history.

In conclusion, circles are better than squares. The vast amount of evidence that suggests this statement subjugates is impossible to ignore.

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