Costco: Prime Example of Successful Business Strategy

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Costco’s business model is to generate high sales volumes and rapid inventory turnover by offering their members lower prices on a limited selection of national brands and some private label products in a variety of merchandise. Costco’s business model is built through customer memberships, who join their membership and renew on a yearly basis. With this model, it shows how customer loyalty is satisfied and that customers will renew. Costco’s business model is an amazing model to use, all customers have the ability to find good quality bargains and Costco is setup to keep their loyal customers.

Costco’s strategy is built on the chief elements of low prices, limited selection, and a national brand competitive price shopping environment. For example; Costco uses their brand Kirkland, which is designed to be similar or better than other high-end name brands such as Grey Goose. Along with this, contrasted with different retailers and stockrooms, Costco offers around 4,000 things to the common Walmart super center offering 150,000. With their ability to use treasure-hunt merchandising, Costco is constantly changing selection of luxury items on the floor enticing, shoppers to spend more than they might otherwise by offering better deals. Costco’s buyers purchase these items from wholesalers which enables them to offer discounts to their customers. Offering these discounts has shown Costco success in their business model and has kept their customers coming back.

When looking out how effective Jim Sinegal has been, I believe that he is an effective CEO as he leads Costco into strategic courses in preparing for the future. His job is more than just a title as he is a producer, director and knowledgeable critic. Sinegal exhibits extraordinary attention to detail and pricing, which leads a very active role in management as CEO. He would receive a high score in leading the process due to the fact that sales have continuously increased throughout the years, along with more customers becoming members.

With a current ratio of 1:05 shows that Costco should be able to meet its current liabilities. Along with this, profit is increased by not having to store inventory. With the Asset turnover of 11.54 shows that it is consistent with what was described by the case study, Costco holds onto inventory for nothing more than 12 days. When looking at profitability measures, Costco is doing well financially. At 2% profit margin illustrates Costco’s pricing policies and the ability to offer ultra-low prices. The 6% Return on Assets percentage shows that Costco’s assets are being well-used to accumulating more revenue. The ROE demonstrates $0.13 of profit for every dollar of net assets. Based on the data from the case, Costco is doing extremely well.

The data shown is a clear showing of how Costco would be success with taking a step towards the outside market. All of their revenue, warehouses and operating income have consistently increased since Costco went outside the U.S. The revenue to warehouse ratio has also increased, indicating another factor of how successful they have been thus far.

Costco offers their customers some of the lowest prices on a wide range of national and outside U.S. branded products and goods, as well as their own brand products in a variety of categories. The products and services that Costco delivers are reliable as their competitors as the company deals with the best available quality products at competitive prices. Costco pays attention to details and has numerous strengths that add own to their success. Some of these factors include running an efficient operating structure, rapid turnover of the inventory, reduced cost of handling of merchandise and generating high sales volume at each of their store. Costco’s main goal is to give their customers variety and satisfaction of a low price, which then provides them the best value for their money.

Other than offering competitive prices on best-quality goods and a range of convenience services, Costco does their best to be a valuable quality provider for every geological location. This includes providing good working jobs at good pay, continuous involvement in community activities and charities.

Another strength for Costco is that they are one of the top wholesale clubs in the United States. The company currently has buildings in 38 out 50 states, and still growing. Costco also operates several consumer and business services, differentiating from financial planning to their health insurance. By providing some of the top-quality goods and services available, Costco has been able to increase its market share a large amount over the years.

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Costco’s business conditions are constantly changing due to their external and internal forces which force other competitors to change their course of action. The driving forces in this sector are the major underlying causes changing business and competitive conditions. When operating on a large scale such as Costco, they must consider the difficulty that comes with it such as the demand for newer products or a larger variety.

Costco is almost one of the first pioneering companies to have a growing revenue from internet shopping. They created a website to be used in the United States as well as website in Canada to be more effective and competitive in the internet market based era. This can give them a competitive advantage over their competitor’s due to their ability to have different selling sites.

With the company constantly working and thinking of new ways to make its distribution channels stronger, they will begin to enter new potential markets. An opportunity Costco can achieve would be by offering lower value and working more towards developing a strong loyal customer, such as rewards points or customer loyalty points to ensure the consumers continue to use their services.

Warehouse clubs not only compete in one sector or market but it competes with a wide range of other types of retailers which include Walmart, SAMS, supermarkets, general merchandise chains, gas stations and food internet retailers. Their competitiveness changes however, because of the different types of products they deal in. The industry of wholesale has a number of individual companies that are highly competitive and have very effective strategies. They have developed loyal customer bases and preferably with the competitor’s brand. Costco’s major competitors include Walmart’s, Sam’s Club, Target, Whole Foods.

Costco’s financial growth and capital structure evolved from the basic thought of selling large quantities for a cheap price. Selling items in a large quantity results in reduced operating costs at high inventory ratios. Most of Costco’s inventory items are placed on wooden pallets, which in return lowers their operating cost by a significant margin. Along with this, selling in bulk allows inventory turnover ratio to be higher than retail industry averages. Allowing Costco to achieve maximum potential with their merchandise.

Costco’s brand name that they have distinguished themselves in the market and finical success, gives them a competitive advantage for all of their strengths. They present professionalism, loyalty and competitive pay to their employees generating a low turnover rate. Costco has achieved an amazing brand name for themselves, which puts them amongst the wholesalers’ biggest names.

Costco’s reputation has evolved due to their high employee compensation and low compensation for executives. Among employees who have been with the company for at least a year, just 6% leave annually. With this statistic, it can easily be seen why their employees stay working for the company longer. Since, Sinegal believes if you compensate your employees well, you will get good production from them. This is why their employees stay with their company compared to their competitors where Walmart was at 21% early leave in 2019.

The main concern I would recommend make for Jim Sinegal would be to continue looking for opportunities or partners to help grow the overall quality of their merchandise. However, when adding new variables such as a new partnership or merchandise, they will need to be compensated with competitive pricing and overall excellent customer service.

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