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On the one hand, taking Romeo Montague, it should not be possible to establish the archetype character without Juliet. This happens basically because as seen before, he is a Petrarchan lover and Juliet is the “religion” in his eyes. So one character complements the other one. With both, it can be seen as courtly love, honest, elegant, and courtship love. Decorated in an idyllic setting full of elements such as fountains, orchards, or gardens. It takes to show us a...
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‘Romeo and Juliet’ is a play written by William Shakespeare in the 1590s which was performed at the Globe theatre. It explores two lovers who come from feuding families and their lives together are controlled by fate. The idea of fate was very prevalent at this time in Tudor England, with many rich families paying for horoscopes for their children. The play whilst following two main characters (Romeo and Juliet), it also follows the theme of violence’s power to defeat...
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Within Chaucer's The Canterbury Tales, “The Knight’s Tale,” and “The Miller’s Tale” each give a different account of a specific view of love and marriage. Each tale in The Canterbury Tales is a narrative on a specific human personality type. In “The Knight’s Tale,” and “The Miller’s Tale” particularly, each narrative concerns a specific level of virtue and morality that corresponds with a view of love. In “The Knight’s Tale” and “The Miller’s Tale,” two accounts of courtly love are...
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Write about landscape and/or architecture. The landscape of Hero and Leander is integral to driving the action of the story; without the vast expanse of sea, there would be no illusion of courtly love, no heroic bravery of the tumultuous sea, and no reason for this narrative to exist. This essay aims to examine the significance of the Hellespontine expanse as a driving force of the poem, and its importance in establishing classic tropes of courtly love, as well as...
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My subject is courtly love, that strange doctrine of chivalric courtship that fixed the vocabulary and defined the experience of lovers in our culture from the latter Middle Ages until almost our own day. Some of its traces still survive -- or at least they do in the old Andy Hardy movies. if you are old enough to have seen some of these films, or young enough to stay up for the really late, late movie, you will surely recall...
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