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Laws are primarily made to protect the rights and freedom of the people. However, on many occasions, specific rules might lead to a surge in victimization and crime rates when used carelessly. Stand-your-ground laws allow individuals to apply lethal force for self-defense when confronted and find their lives in danger. The stand-your-ground constitution has been adopted and used differently in many parts of the United States. For instance, in Florida, the adoption of stand-your-ground laws has affected the number of...
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The debate over whether or not Stand Your Ground laws are necessary is a hefty topic. These laws, which give people the ability to defend themselves if threatened, spark lots of controversy over whether or not they are necessary. They have helped out the general people as well as involved big names and politicians in the topic. Some of the stories of such victims also put another view into the world. Stand Your Ground laws are defined as a law...
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Self-defense In this research paper, we will explain and discuss the “Stand Your Ground” law and how it relates to “Self Defense”. As you talk about this law you must incorporate a lot of different situations and cases. As well as this law being changed or tweaked multiple times. Nowadays a lot of people don’t actually understand the “Stand Your Ground” law and when it falls into effect. We will also weigh out the pros and cons of the Stand...
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Gun control is one of the most debatable issues in the United States. Americans are in conflict about whether gun control is necessary, or if their right to the second amendment is being taken away. Many believe that if we have strict gun control would reduce gun violence. Many other people believe that people should have the right to bear arms for protection, or even for the desire of hunting. In the Bill of Rights, it is stated that Americans...
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Everyone wants justice to be served, and it is the obligation of the judicial system to ensure that goal is achieved. Justice involves enhancing fairness in a conflicting argument or claim. In other words, it is a just behavior or conduct in response to a situation contradictory situation. However, in most cases, people find themselves denied justice when most needed. History tells of cases of people who have been wrongly convicted for crimes they never committed, while others denied justice...
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Gun Control: Stronger Laws Needed to Prevent Loss of Life When watching the news, it’s becoming all too common to hear the phrases “active shooter” and “mass casualty”. These types of events such as school and nightclub shootings are becoming a norm and leave many questions about how and why these types of events take place. While the media broadcasts round-the-clock coverage of some of these incidents, there are many more that aren’t televised. Stronger gun control laws tend to...
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One of the reasons Socrates gives for not escaping from prison is that it would be a violation of the law. I agree with Socrates, one should never break the law, even when it conflicts with one’s sense of morality because of Socrates's idea of a social contract, as well as if the laws are disobeyed it could bring dissolution of the city or state. In Crito, we see some reasons Socrates gives Crito for not escaping from prison, for...
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Since time immemorial, laws have been used to govern small communities as well as large countries. Typically, they are made in relation to human political communities, attitudes, practices, and values. They are expected to be followed and are generally viewed as a way to maintain specific moral codes of society. However, several people believe that there is morality in breaking the law, especially notable historical figures such as Plato and Martin Luther King Jr. King, one of the many black...
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