Critical Essay on Moral Dilemmas and Making the Right Decision

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Morality is the relationship between right and wrong in human behavior. Simply put, it is a system of right and wrong principles. A dilemma is just a difficult decision, which means that you must choose between two or more. In other words, a dilemma is a situation where there are two possible solutions. A moral dilemma is a situation or problem in which a person is faced with a dilemma between good and evil.

There are several types and common points of moral dilemmas, which are divided into the following categories: epistemological and ontological dilemmas, self-imposed and world-imposed dilemmas, obligation dilemmas, cognitive moral dilemmas, involving a situation, two or more of them. An optional moral conflict is between them and the moral subject hardly conflicts. Moral requirements are higher than other requirements. In other words, the moral subject does not know which choice is morally right or wrong. For example, I should fulfill my promise to my daughter and participate in the competition as soon as possible, but on the way to the competition, I saw a sick elderly person who needed to be taken to the hospital. Where are my royal duties? We cannot deny that there are ethical requirements here, but we must note that we want to understand the situation more deeply. Does entering the game in advance achieve an important goal? How serious is the sick old man's condition? In fact, in this case, it is difficult for you to choose which option is morally correct. In addition, one option must be at least the other. It just requires greater wisdom about the situation, so it is called a cognitive moral dilemma. These requirements conflict with each other, and these conflicting moral requirements will not overlap with each other. The point is that neither of the moral requirements is stronger than the other so the moral subjects hardly know the conflicting moral requirements. For example, a police doctor cares for the needs of injured police officers during a protest. However, two policemen urgently need blood transfusions. Also, currently, only one bag of blood is available. Who should the doctor give a blood transfusion to? We cannot say whether blood transfusion to police 1 is more ethical than blood transfusion to police 2, and vice versa. A self-imposed moral dilemma is caused by the improper behavior of the moral subject. For example, Cornelius is running for the presidency. During the campaign, he promised to the indigenous people in his area to bring them good roads, lower prices, and better water just to win their votes, but at the same time, he sought financial support from other countries. Fortunately, Cornelius won the election but faced the dilemma of fulfilling its promise to the indigenous people, allowing foreigners to encroach on the country’s mineral resources. In fact, through his actions, Cornelius created a situation in which he could not get rid of these two obligations. A moral dilemma imposed by the world means that certain events in the world place moral subjects in a situation of moral conflict. For example, James is in a state where he is asked to choose his sister or brother, who will be sent to the gas chamber in England. As a doctor, only the James family will have immunity. If you don't choose which one should survive, Dr. Von Chris Niemand will send them both to their deaths. James chooses his brother Andrew to go to the gas chamber. His sister Jane was sent to another country.

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Moral dilemmas have their own ways of dealing with them in daily life, that is, as agents of moral dilemmas, in life, we sometimes come across moral dilemmas that test our psychological power and judgment. When facing an ethical dilemma, there are many factors to consider. Who is involved and why? Does action need to be taken, and if so, what is its role? Perhaps it is best to tell others about the dilemma and let them decide what to do. There may be other solutions that are not easy to see at first.

Regardless of the situation, there are some tips to help resolve ethical dilemmas. Although this format may seem difficult to do, it is usually the best way to handle the situation. First, should not be too biased in one way or another according to the situation. It is important to use logic to force people to consider as many points as possible to find the best solution. Logical thinking can also help a person calm down and relax, rather than being too emotional to make a reasonable decision. Understandably, due to the nature of the dilemma, this is impossible in some cases. In this case, it is best to wait until the mood is less unstable before making a decision. The pros and cons of every decision are a bit tricky because every decision has only pros and cons. No matter what happens, using the pros and cons list can reveal other factors that may influence the decision. For example, suppose a person and his best friend are studying at a university. They saw how their best friend stole the laptop from the ICT lab. They confronted their friend and convinced him to return the laptop, but he refused. Now, do you report the best friend in your life to the campus police, or are they silent about it and assume the college can bear the loss? This is not an easy decision for most people, but weighing the pros and cons can help. If they don't know how to report their friend, the friend may continue to do so, which may affect the college's ability to conduct business thereby influencing other people's laptop use. However, if they report their friends, they may lose their best friends forever. Which decision will cause the least pain or injustice to all parties involved? Sometimes, regardless of the decision that is made, some people will get hurt. If this is unavoidable, it is better to know who is involved and how they will be affected. For example, suppose a manager is told to fire some employees. Should the manager fire the production line staff, the sales staff, the accountant, the main office, or the delivery team? Managers may find that it is better for the company to lay off just one or two employees in each department, rather than lay off the entire department. In this way, each department is minimally affected without affecting the dilemma, and there will not always be right or wrong answers. In fact, there may be several wrong answers. It is up to everyone to decide the best way to handle their situation.

At the end of the day, people facing moral dilemmas will be challenged mentally, morally, or spiritually to make the best decision.

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