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Crucial Themes In The Novel Things They Carried

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In “Tim O’Brien’s”, “The Things They Carried” shows how he talks about several soldiers, how each one loss of innocence and effects. The purpose of this story is to create a personal look at the soldiers. O’Brien talks about certain soldiers and when he does, he gives personal information about what these soldiers find important.

O’Brien says a lot of the soldiers because they sacrificed their life how they were capable of doing any for their country. Most important he lists the things that each person carries such as what the mentally they carry and how the war is heavy for them. Which this relates to the theme as well because it shows physical and emotional that what the whole story is about. The theme of this story is also relatable to the symbol because there’s love, friendship, hopes, a bunch of emotions going on, dreams and how they carry things.

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For example, the young Vietnamese soldier shows O’Brien’s “guilt at the lives taken by war. He refuses to speak to Kiowa showing that he died in some temple when the young Vietnamese man died. O’Brien also gives the young man past and future by giving the young man a story. The young man is a symbol of the innocence taken from all the young men forced into the war.” This shows how someone innocent life went away in just a second.

Another example is that there’s romance too after Lavender’s death. Lieutenant burns Martha’s letter, Martha is a poet and dreamer. Which is made Lieutenant realize that he loves and hates Martha he loves her because of her affection but also hates her cause he knows that his obsession but Martha doesn’t love him back. Martha represents Lieutenant’s hopes and dreams she gives him a sense of escape. Which this shows an apart of the people what was important to them and how much it meant to them.

In conclusion, O’Brien wanted to information such as how the soldiers were being hurt physically and mentally. How each person was, wanted and believe they are a huge person that is no longer here such as how people come, and others go. They make memories and replace thoughts as well. He did it to tell people such as stories do continue forever but people dont continue forever( people don’t leave for the rest of their lives).

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