Crucial Values Of The Short Story The Gift Of The Magi

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“The gift of magi” is written by William Sydney porter. He is a famous American writer whose short name is O Henry. His main genre is short stories. The gift of magi is his most famous short story. It is simple and memorable short story.

The gift of magi is a story about a couple Jim and Della. The story tells us that how this young couple deals with the challenge of buying secret Christmas gift for each other with very little money. So the main conflict in the story is poverty.

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“The gift of magi” is a very thematic story. It has out to out positivity in it. O Henry covers up mainly American middle to convey his message due to which his famous short stories seems to be part of our life and his character seems like real human being.

O Henry through this story delivers us his message of love, affection, sacrifice, devotion in an effective way O Henry develops his character in front of us in an organized way which not only sparks them but also gives a perfect spark to the story. He tells us that how one can fight from poverty when one has strong feelings for each other. Della and Jim both work out of the normal way to arrange Christmas gift for each other. Della sacrifices her long beautiful and most precious possession her hair where Jim sacrifice his most precious watch for purchasing a worthy gift. Both of them with their sacrifice become able to purchase valuable gifts. But writer tells us that neither Della’s gift of gold chain nor Jim’s gift of jewel combs have that value which value actually lies in their feelings for each other. O Henry impresses us with passion of his character. He narrates the real worthy gift is not the gift which is expensive rather than that real worth is of sentiments. We observe here that how this couple sacrificed their most prized possession in order to purchase gift that other would be thrilled about receiving but each of them sacrificed the thing for which the other bought the gift. O Henry through his tittle “the gift of magi “tells us that these gift may seem us absurd but in reality they are the most wisest gift like “gift of magi” which is given by magi to Christ. As there gifts are embodiment of emotions. O Henry gives a complete twist to the story in an ironical way and by using the techniques of symbolism and suspense he grows our attention and interest in his story as a reader.

In nutshells writer has told us that in this materialistic world for some people material things does not count and the real worth is of feelings. Feelings which are priceless and pure. This is message that real and pure feelings give much more pleasure as compare to materialistic and expensive gifts.

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