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Literary Devices And Symbolism In The Gift Of The Magi

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Out of many, “The Gift Of Magi” is without a doubt, one of the most prominent short stories written by O. Henry. The center of consideration is focused on the thought of gift giving between financially devastated couples. Furthermore comparing the after-effects of giving and receiving. O. Henry’ use of symbolism and literary devices inside the story allows the audience to view their relationship, furthermore the genuine idea of what giving is for the couple who are poor. It goes to bring up that the real meaning of gift giving is to give it thought and heart, not worrying about what you may or may not get..

An interesting topic in the story is the love and care shared by the couple. Being the established idea that it had been the season for giving, both Jim and Della expected to share an exceptional gift. Similarly, as gift giving is to please, care is appeared with their unwavering commitment to please one another, each one to supply one thing to their partner, because they feel it’s some method to fortify their bonds and alliances. No matter the fact that the couples are not limited as far as financial capacities, they keep on being well off inferable from the affection and a center given to each unique. It’s through this reality that Henry’s piece is prepared to rise above to the different perusers inferable from its direct anyway profound message concerning adoration and heart.

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One of the prominent ideas formulated by O. Henry inside the story is sacrifice, both partners are willing and wanting to give up a valued treasure to make their partner happy. In particular, it underlines the demeanor of each person to let alone of their most prized assets to frame someone glad. For Della, it’d be her long stunning hair and Jim, his prized watch that has been passed somewhere near his dad (Henry 1). It shows what extent the couple esteems each other that they’re willing to permit up the things that are important to them. However, inside the ending, the couple couldn’t quite use the gift they purchased, although they remain content, and happy with what their partner has done for them.

Henry furthermore uses imagery inside the story that grants the audience to understand essential bits of knowledge and lessons. One among the preeminent symbols that is obvious is the ‘gift’ to each partner. Without a doubt, this is a very significant symbol, it sets the characters qualities inside the story. especially, progresses the idea that fact that any gift doesn’t reflect the esteem or worth of what is given. From the perspective of Henry, this can be what ‘gift giving’ very implies that. In spite of the fact that Jim and Della are poor, regardless of whether they had the implies that to supply one thing unprecedented to at any rate each other that is worth more than money.

In general, Henry’s ‘The Gift of the Magi’ might be a story that is not exclusively meant for one time or one holiday, but to take those lessons and use them daily, that the thought is was counts, not the value. It shows that for the most part it’s not the texture things that label worth and essentialness. Or maybe it’s the tendency of people to bring up significance to an alternate and look at to supply one thing that is commendable and important to the inverse. O. Henry’ use of their financial positions allows the audience to truly consider what matters in gift giving.

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