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Dalai Lama And Good Buddhist Life

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A good Buddhist life

Buddhism is the fourth-largest religion with more than 500 million followers across the globe they teach a concept of enlightenment and try to seek a deeper understanding of the meaning of life and our natural world. According to Buddhist teacher Phakchok Rinpoche “someone who regards themselves as a Buddhist should make offerings upward and practice generosity downward”, this basically means that a person should offer their worshippings and love to the great Buddha and other spiritual teachers up above while also giving kindness and generosity to those not so enlightened in everyday life.

The Buddhist religion is more about the furthering of living connections and kindness between all species on planet earth. They teach non-violence to any being and even in some extreme forms of Buddhism, it is wrong to squash an ant. The spiritual head of Tibetan Buddhism, the Dalai Lama once said, “My religion is very simple, My religion is kindness”.

One way that you can gain enlightenment through Buddhism is by understanding suffering and recognizing that every being on earth suffers in one way or another. Because without feeling the pain of suffering ourselves there is no way that we can truly show honest compassion for people that live with it every day.

What is the role of happiness in a well lived life?

If we want to achieve happiness then it is important for each of us to promote what is good and positive about ourselves and what we do in day to day life. We mustn’t do the little things like lying so that in the long run we ultimately have joy instead of misery.

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“For true happiness to come about, we need a calm mind, and such peace of mind is brought about only by a compassionate attitude” (Dalai Lama, 2016), this quote by the Dalai Lama really shows that the role of happiness in a well live Buddhist life is that of being able to accommodate for the needs and beliefs of other beings and through this compassion and kindness you can achieve true joy and happiness.

Recognising the golden rule for living a full life

The golden rule is something that flows through most religions and in practice it is about treating others with compassion. And to be able to apply this to Buddhism you must understand the web of life and everything in it. You must be able to feel compassion and joy for all being in our ecosystem no matter how small because through being open and kind you will be able to live the fullest life. I think that if we can calm our minds and soul everyone is capable of following the golden rule and living a full life no matter what religious beliefs people may have.

If we are always suffering about wanting what we don’t have or not wanting what we have then we are stuck in a vortex of unhappiness and misery that could be difficult to bring ourselves back from.

Overall I think that to be completely happy we need to be content with the life we have and make sure that we spread this happiness and compassion with everyone in our own small web and through this, we can all live full and meaningful lives.

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