Declaration of Independence and the Constitution: Historical Background and Impact on the World Today

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The Declaration of Independence are important articles that ensure our independence from Great Britain. This document will describe who adopted the Declaration of Independence, what the Founding Fathers created, a summary of the Articles, and how the Constitution affects the world today.

It was written by Thomas Jefferson; he wrote it because they wanted to announce their independence from Britain. They also wrote it because they wanted to be an independent nation and were able to confirm their alliance with France. It was written back in 1776. They wrote the Declaration of Independence in Philadelphia. When the Founding Fathers made the Constitution, they established three branches of government (legislative, executive, and judicial). They also created the checks and balance systems to ensure that no one has too much power.

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Article I talks about assigning responsibility for making laws to the legislative branch. Congress is divided in two houses: the House of Representative and the Senate. Congress had a compromise between large states. It also talks about the judicial branch and their power, and Section I talks about that it should be vested into one supreme case. Section II mentions that no person shall be a representative until they’re at least of 25 years and has been a citizen for 7 years or more.

Article II says the details of the executive branch. As well as the offices of the president and vice president. They also lay down the ground rules when electing a president. It is important that a citizen going for president must be at least 35 years of age, and a natural born citizen of the United States. They also take an oath when becoming a president.

Article III says that the federal judges are appointed for life unless they commit a serious crime. The article is much shorter compared to the other articles. They should be vested in one supreme court. The judicial power shall also extend to all cases, law, and equity.

Article IV outlined the ways of power. If a new law is created, then it must respect the other laws of the other states. Congress can pass federal laws regarding the way states honor other states and records. Full credit should be given in each state towards the public acts and records.

Article V explains about the amendments process, it’s a very difficult compared to the process for making laws. Whenever two-thirds of both houses decide that it’ll be necessary. They will give the amendments to the Constitution or call a convention.

Article VI states that federal law is supreme, or higher than the state and local laws. That would mean if any state would object with a specific federal law, then the federal law would take precedence. It also talks that debts contracted and engagements entered shall be valid against the Constitution.

Article VII had described the ratification process for the Constitution. However, it required nine states to enact the Constitution.

The Constitution says a lot about where power goes in each branch, it makes each responsibility towards one or the other. It is not overdoing it with too much power. It also talks about how important the federal law is and how it is higher than state/local laws, and when new laws are created that they must respect other state laws and records. After all, these are very important Articles that are taken very seriously. It also talks about the ratification process and the amendment process. Our amendments give us the freedom and independence that cannot be changed. It is very important that they follow it as well as the Constitution. It covers over the other branches and explains checks and balances (how powers are equal between each group is needed). It also talks about how new laws are passed, what they go through in order to be considered passed. Otherwise, they would be failed. It's very complex series of articles, but it means well and in the end it’s how people are elected and their powers. Federal judges are chosen for life, they do not resign from their position and the only way that they could ever resign would be if they made a very serious crime. After all, the Constitution is the ground laws, it is our authority and it also details state rights as well.

The Constitution affects us differently today because things are changing more than how they were years ago, new laws have been put down compared to how it originally was. It’s also changed our lives because now we can say things freely, have firearms, go to church, get to vote if you’re 18 or older, protest, etc. You are also required to pay taxes and those things affect people now days. We are an independent nation. We have the freedom that people didn’t have a long time ago and other ways it’s affecting us is that there was a new constitution back in 1789 it was a stronger centralized government. It can hurt us, and it can also be very helpful to us. It can hurt us since new laws can easily be passed. We may not always agree with whichever law gets passed by Congress. However, there has been laws that have been declined before. It’s very important that the laws that are created are helping the citizens and not destroying everything. The Constitution is still highly respected now days and it is still being used as Congress still follows it, as well as the citizens. The amendments have not changed much since the beginning of it. If anything, nothing can change it, not even Congress can mess with our ‘God given rights’. It is something all citizens are born with and it cannot be ignored. The Constitution is how we function as a society, as a whole nation. Without it we would be lost, and it would be left towards the government, Congress, etc., for them to decide what laws we would have.

In conclusion, I have explained a summary of the Declaration of Independence, gone over who made the Constitution, where it was made and why. I have also explained how it affects us today.

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