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The right to food is something that every single human being should not have to worry about. The right to food should follow under these three terms, Availability, Accessibility, and Adequacy. Being able to get food wherever, Accessibility is vulnerable to people like children, the elderly, people with disabilities. Food is affordable without other things having to suffer for cost. Such as medical care, education, or household fees. And Adequacy means the food is completely safe for any humans to eat and satisfy their dietary needs. Finally, the right to food is not having to worry about what is going down to get your food to where it is now. Meaning that our environment was not harmed in getting this food to us and that everyone working to get this food for us is being treated with all fairness, along with being safe. This is where Fair Trade comes in.

What is fair trade? “trade that satisfies certain criteria on the supply chain of the goods involved, usually including fair payment for producers; often with other social and environmental considerations” ( Fair trade is eliminating child labor, eliminating unfair payment to the workers, and eliminating working in horrible conditions.”A fair trade product is helping the environment by not having dirty disgusting air in the slave buildings. A non-fair trade product will be contributing to the environment. A fair trade product is saving someone's life. A non-fair trade product is just one step closer to contributing to someone's death.” (Thursday, 7 July 2011 by Rara)

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The process that is done so that those things can be a reality is having groups of people who want to be there to work working together so no one is being forced against their will. That is getting rid of having slaves in our world who would work all day just to get paid nothing and in dangerous situations when then the product will be brought to our society and be sold for a high price. Fairtrade is taking care of this by now paying each worker at least a minimum payment, instead of the price fluctuating all the time and possibly worrying about if the workers will get paid fully or at all sometimes. Now there is also a fairtrade premium that all these groups of workers are paid back from their products which with that money they get to decide where they would like to spend it on, for example, better farming equipment, hospitals, housing, medical care, or wells along with many more things they could use for their communities. This is what fair trade is making available for these 3rd world countries.

Canada is a big part of fair trade as well, Fair trade wouldn't be able to work if someone isn’t making sure all these requirements are being followed. “The international Fairtrade system represents the world's largest and most recognized fair trade system. We are a global organization working to secure a better deal for farmers and workers.” ( Canada is following high standards to keep fair trade working at its maximum capacity. Like upping the sales of fairtrade products in canada, Having the absolute best benefits and care for these farmers and workers. Making sure the environment is being taken care of like making sure the workers are not using excessive water, instead they are collecting lots of rainwater to use for other things. Not using genetically modified organisms (GMOs) isn't aloud to try to enhance the growing time and size, not the products. This way they are preserving the environment. All these rules and claims that are made and needed to follow by canada so that fairtrade is being run right are made up by Fairtrade who will consult with international producers, businesses that are selling fair trade, along with all and any members of the entire fair trade system. Fairtrade producers have a 50% say in key decisions, and there are over 30,000 producers on sale for fairtrade. ( Finally, one last example of what canada is doing for fairtrade is the money they are giving back to the workers in the 3rd world countries. The fairtrade premium is the money we give back from making off the fairtrade products that are sold. An example is fairtrade sugar sent back $115,000 in fairtrade premiums back to sugarcane smallholders last year. With that money, they used it to improve farming techniques and they invested in schools, which helped thousands of farmers and families take control of their lives. Another example is buying fairtrade flowers. Every 10% of a stem or a bunch of flowers is sold it goes back to the fairtrade premium. Which then was put into health care, social benefits, and education, etc. (

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