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For Life on Earth, or FLOE, is a website for a campaign dedicated to human health, medicinal sciences, and saving our planet. The website has an organization domain, meaning that the URL ends in org. Traditionally, org domains have been used for non-profit organizations. However, URL domains are less strict now, org is generic. It’s important to research a website and confirm an organization’s validity.

The most recent article added to the website was added in March 2019. The website was last updated on September 18th, 2019. This website provides key points, statistics, and resources, and even has the option to contact or donate to the initiative.

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The website also has an introductory video: a science lecture regarding medical research and presenting arguments against animal abuse in the form of animal testing. FLOE is adamantly against animal testing because asking animals to use their bodies to predict responses in humans is something they’re not capable of. The website states that animal testing cannot be used to predict responses in humans. FLOE lists many instances of the medicine being kept on the shelves because of animal testing that proved that the medicine would be ineffective on humans. One such example is penicillin, an antibiotic used to treat infections and fight bacteria. Penicillin changed the world of medicine eminently and is still widely used today. It’s important to remember that medicine is becoming more advanced by the day. FLOE argues that with science we can have medicine tailored to our bodies. Doctors have known for a long time that everyone responds to medicine differently. Even identical twins may need separate treatments. Tailored medicines will help experts treat people with certain conditions using personalized plans.

FLOE lists books and resources to support their scientific claims, including, but not limited to, 'Animal Models in Light of Evolution' by Niall Shanks and C. Ray Greek. The book was first published in 2009. Digressing for a moment to discuss the authors of the book, Niall Shanks was an English philosopher who served as president of the Southwest Rocky Division of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. He was vice president of Americans for Medical Advancement for ten years. Shanks has explored the role of animal experimentation in contexts of anatomy and physiology, he’s studied animal consciousness and attempted to delve into the mental lives of animals. Shanks has argued that there isn’t a straightforward answer, in plainer words, there are those that believe animals have very expansive mental lives and those that believe the opposite. C. Ray Greek is a board-certified anesthesiologist and the president and co-founder of Americans for Medical Advancement. He’s published several books, including 'FAQS About the Use of Animals in Science', 'What Will We Do if We Don’t Experiment on Animals?', 'Specious Science', and 'Monkeying Around with Human Health: The Cost to People of Experiments on Primates'. C. Ray Greek argues con to the question 'Should animals be used for scientific or commercial testing' with the reasoning that ethical, human-based research and testing are readily available (Greek, 2013) C. Ray Greek speaks at national and international forums about animal testing and devoted himself to the message of his books.

There aren’t any grammatical errors on the front page of the website. All the buttons work, there’s a link out to a connected Twitter and to a separate website called Americans for Medical Advancement or AFMA. AFMA’s contact information is also public. There is an easily accessible Facebook and YouTube channel. FLOE’S Twitter page has 8.9k followers.

FLOE is persistently lobbying for public awareness; this site’s main goal is to achieve legislation and release funds for medical research to create medicine that’s tailored to a person’s unique genetic makeup. The website intends to inform, increase public awareness, and open a properly moderated dialogue regarding the medical value of animal experiments. Dame Jane Goodall, an English anthropologist and primatologist has called for peer-reviewed science debate on this topic. 150 MPs have signed four Parliamentary EDMs for this hearing.

To conclude, even though information is easily accessible because of the Internet, it is important to be critical of everything. Instead of accepting everything at face value, it’s important to ask questions and delve deeper. There always needs to be sources or proof to back up a claim. Lying on the Internet is practically commonplace. FLOE presents a very large track record of success and even has an Early Day Motion submitted to the UK Parliament to bring experiments on animals for human patients to the foreground of scientific and medical debate. There have been 56 signatures, not including 6 that are from sponsors. A large majority of FLOE’s claims are timeless—animal testing is harmful and unethical. Non-human animals cannot be variables for human testing. Continued use of animal testing will lead to intensive animal farming and species extinction.

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