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Disastrous Effects of Countries' Retaliatory Attacks

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Terrorism can be dated back to the 1605 attempted gunpowder plot by Guy Fawks and how he was burned on the stake as a consequence, which is still celebrated to this day. There are many wars which are started due to the consequences of terrorism. An example of this is the war on terrorism in the middle east which the United Kingdom contributed to, This was justified due to how the terrorist groups which had been wreaking havoc and the radicalisation of the innocent which has impacted the world for years and needed intervention. The acts of terrorism committed in 2001 known as 9/11 which led to the deaths of just under three thousand people then led to a major retaliation by the United States and its allies against Al-Qaeda in the Middle east.

Despite nations justifying their retaliation innocent people have been killed within the midst of this combat. I intend to evidence the unfortunate lives that have been lost to retaliation attacks and other consequences of retaliation.

Since 2001 it is estimated that at least half a million lives have been lost in the war against terror in the middle east, although it has been suggested the estimates could be a lot greater, In Iran alone, the allied airstrikes estimate of civilian casualties could be at least thirty one times greater than what is recorded. As the war in the middle east developed it saw the increase in suicide bombers. Suicide bombers generally choose areas where there are high numbers of civilians leading to significant losses of life. Also with an increased loss of life and life-changing injuries to military personnel helping in the fight in the middle east.

Another example of civilian lives being impacted is the innocent people’s detention at Guantanamo Bay. Since 9/11, seven hundred and eighty people were detained there. Seven hundred and thirty-one of these detainees without any charges but had been held against their will for a number of years. Only eight people of the original seven hundred and eighty held captive were convicted after a trial or plea bargains. Three of these convictions have since been overturned. During their time at Guantanamo Bay, it is well reported that people were held Inhumanely and tortured on a regular basis.

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Over the years Great Britain has been affected by terrorism in different ways. Between the early 1970s and the late 1990s, the IRA (Irish Republican Army) carried out acts of terror in Northern Ireland and also in England where innocent victims were injured or killed in Manchester, London and Warrington. Since 2001 there have been approximately one hundred terrorist-related deaths in Great Britain. The majority of these attacks are linked to Islamic and religious extremists. Examples of Innocent lives lost are the 7/7 London bombings where fifty-two innocents were killed and many more injured during their normal daily commute to work. The Manchester Arena bombings during an Ariana Grande concert was another example of civilian lives being lost due to terrorism.

There have also been concerns about Islamic extremists grooming young people online. Some young people have travelled to the middle east to fight the cause for ISIS. There is evidence that these young people were vulnerable and not totally aware of the cause they were being invited to join. There are many views about the revoke of Shamima Begum’s Citizenship and how responsible she was for her actions. It has been a controversial topic of should it be up to the countries and their government to remove the right of citizenship from people and should it be considered as going against their human rights.

An opposing argument to my view is that the latest statistic of world deaths from 2017 shows that the number of terrorist-related deaths had decreased significantly from 2014. Responses after a terrorist attack have led to better Intelligence and security meaning that planned attacks are being prevented for example the European Union have shared information on terrorism between each other to help reduce the impact of terrorism. Although the war on terrorism in the middle east led to the innocent loss of lives the response of the allied forces has led to the eradication of all ISIS-held strongholds.

The war against terror has had unfortunate consequences such as the loss of innocent lives however the United States and its allies responding to threats from multiple terrorist organisations has had long term consequences. These have been a reduction in the number of terrorist attacks and the reduced territorial gains of ISIS. Therefore it could be a good argument that in the long run that it is an effective way of reducing and dealing with terrorism. It is difficult to not think about the emotional effects and impacts of terrorism on people who have to go through these life-changing experiences.

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