Equality Within Ethnicity: Is It Really Equal?

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How would you feel if you were the only different person and felt the need to be someone you aren't just to fit in? Unfortunately, many people feel and think like that due to people around them giving them unpleasant and hateful looks. We live in a society where this kind of problem isn't rare. In fact, it's more common than we think. Knowledgeable students, who do you think were the slaves in the slave trade. I nust want you to know who participated in the slave trade: Dutch, French, spanish, portugese, brittish, arabs and a few west africans plyed s prominent role in the atlantic slave rade. However, it was mostly black Africans that were being traded. This brings me to the point that:

Equality within ethnicity is what all politicians talk about in this day and age, but i feel as though nobody is taking it into action.Let me explain what I am trying to say. Have you seen any articles that mention the fact that equality within ethnicities is completely equal, because I know I haven't,. Statistics show that the ethnicity that has been stopped and searched the most is Black African, Black Caribbean and Black other, with the number of 118. Keep in mind that this is calculated by per 1000 people. Just think about the amount of innocent people that have been stopped and searched due to their skin colour or ethnicity. I think that, as well as many other people, that this is nowhere near equal. Yes there are other ethnicities that have been stopped and searched, but why is it that it’s always the Black people that seem to be ‘guilty’ all the time. Simply disgusting. Disgusting because we call ourselves equal.

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It is understandable that it is hard to change. Even if you don’t want to change, you need to. We need to change. All of us, for the better. The amount of things that we have done that have harmed people of other ethnicities. . Ethnicity inequality has to change, or we will be guilty for the death of thousands of other innocent people. Blood, cruelty and abuse is what people have faced in the past, and I cannot guarantee you that there is nobody on the face of this earth that isn’t secretly suffering due to being mistreated. We cannot say that nobody is suffering, because then we’d be lying. Not only to ourselves, but to the people that are suffering.

Finally, a solution. We can change whatever is happening, because who do you think makes the decisions in this world? Certainly not animals, or global warming would've been stopped by now.

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