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For my third block English class, we voted to go to Portland Oregon merely a two-hour flight away. Arriving at the airport I knew this would be a trip I would remember for a good while and I was thrilled to be there.

Although I did not go to these places myself a lot of my other classmates went to extravagant restaurants, coffee shops, sandwich shops, donut shops, and outside food carts despite the bitter cold. I had heard from Ms. Sieling that Natalie, Bella, and Hailey went ‘Voodoo Donuts’. Ms. Sieling also said that Cambree went to a miniature coffee shop called ‘Dutch Brothers’, I thought I had heard of them before so I looked them up and their story is quite interesting, it's too bad that I can't fit it into here. While I was taking a walk outside, I saw that Logan and Jason were eating at a food cart pod, it was cold out, despite that the cart was packed. Conclusion, the food must be great.

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Since Portland is a notably big city it’s no wonder that artists come here on tour here quite often. Karissa and Rachel S. went to a Drake concert at the McMenamins venue, I don't listen to Drake unless I have to but I know enough that he is quite well known and popular. Speaking of which Karissa and Rachel S. also went to a Queen concert earlier that day. Other than a few artists I don't know a lot about new artists in general so it was great to hear about the concert from them. It just goes to show how prominent Portland is in the entertainment world.

Portland not only holds a lot of concerts and festivals but they also hold some of the most impressive art museums and gardens from what I’ve heard. Natalie, Bella, and Hailey went to the Japanese Garden which is actually the largest of its kind outside of Japan and more than holds its place in Portland. I heard from many that although it had rained it was still a sight to behold, all of the art, literature, and culture behind Japan is something unique and of its own. They also said that even with the autumn like cold the pond and falls had an appeal of their own with the hazy orange evening sky.

I have heard that Portland is a lovely place and a significant community in America, it was one thing to hear and another to behold. Overall, it was a transcendent school trip and I know others believe the same. Following the trip, I still reminisce about Portland and I may even go again another year.

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