Essay on Favourite Childhood Memories

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When recalling my childhood memories, there are many stories. Some of them makes me happy, but some of them are not good ones. Well, I grew up in Rewasa village, one of the most beautiful and scenic places in Ra, and one of my favorite childhood memories was going on a hunting trip with my dad. I grew in up in family of six, including my parents. My mum works as a market master and my dad also works, but during his free time he would love taking us out on a pig hunting trip. One fine early morning, my dad, sibling and me decided to went for a hunting trip, and the funny part was this would be my first hunting trip. We woke up around six am to a huge morning breakfast that mum had actually prepared. The odor of the egg and toast made me lively. I rose and put my clothes on and then went and had tasty breakfast.

When I was consuming, I would feel the sense that my dad, siblings and me were going to have a lot enjoyable. I understand that if we didn't catch any pig is what we were going to hunt we would still have a fantastic experience. I likewise thought to myself that this will be the best hunting journey I will ever be on. Considering I've never been on a searching trip. My dad used to set traps for these wild pigs that usually appeared at night to destroy the villagers crops and vegetation. My siblings were so confident about all this hunting trip while me on the other hand were excited and nervous simultaneously. When we reached the hunting site, we all could sense the movement and the wailing of pigs from a far. And here comes the favorite part of this hunting trip: my dad would set for about three to four traps for these wild pigs and our job is to chase these pigs because obviously they're wild and I was the only girl in these hunting trip. Yes, only girl learning something new can be a scary experience. One of the hardest things I've ever had to do was to chase these pigs, but as I was always afraid of wild pigs, but like my dad used to say “Be bold”. I was bold enough to chase these pigs but the hilarious part was being chased by wild pigs. There comes a time when instead of chasing the pigs, the pigs chased me. Luckily, I climbed over a branch of tree. Branch to the rescue! My siblings and dad died laughing about this situation. I nearly cried while being chased, all I could think of was where would I end up if that stupid pig had caught me. But as time went by, I was able to adapt to this new experience with the help of my dad.

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Things were not quite easy for me, but my dad was very patient. Learning to chase pigs was tough, but in the end my persistence paid off. Not only did I learn how to chase pigs and to conquer my fear, but I also learned something about hunting. Now when I am faced with a new situation, I am so nervous, I may feel uncomfortable to begin with, but I know that as I practice being in that situation and as my skills get better, I will feel more and more comfortable.

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