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When I Became Distant from My Father: Narrative Essay

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Growing up, I thought I already have the perfect family I dreamed of. We're not rich, but we're that poor either. We lived in Masbate, moved here to Catbalogan, and moved again to Calbayog. I didn't mind before why we were always moving places because what matters to me is we're happy.

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We may not be complete, but at least we are happy. That's what I thought, not until I found out that my father has another girl, and to make matters worse, he has a child with that girl. I was 6 years old at that time when my father brought us to his mistress's house in Calbayog, me, my older brother, and sister without our mother's permission. I can't recall all happenings that day, but I know my mother found out about it which became a reason for them to fight a lot and split ways. My mother brought the three of us back here in Catbalogan together with my other siblings. My oldest sister was forced to apply for a job in Quezon City as a babysitter, while my mother, my other older sister, and my brothers were forced to get a job at Crab Meat Company. Our life came back to normal without our father on our side. It wasn't easy, I always hear my mother crying every night because of what my father did. It went well not until my father came back with his mistress. I was alone in our house at that time, I ignored my father because I was mad at him, I knew I was hurting him, but I still ignored him. Around 4:00 p.m. my mother together with my siblings arrived. I saw the pain in my mother's eyes. I rushed towards her and embraced her. My parents talked with the mistress, and everything went well until the mistress slapped my mother in front of me, she grabbed my mother's shoulder and hair. And what angered me was my father who didn't do anything to protect my mom. From that day, at a very young age, I learned to hate my father. It pains me to see and hear my mother’s cries her heart out, walking while kneeling in front of the statue of God because of the pain and betrayal. It was our everyday scenario.

After a year, my father came back to us, asked my mother's forgiveness, and to us, his children. My mother accepted him again because she loves him and in order to save our family. We also found out that my father was being what they called ‘Lumay’. My parents traveled going Masbate to treat my father's illness, and thankfully he was treated. We became complete and normal again. But after that day I became distant from my father. This childhood story of mine made me realize that even the person you truly and fully trust can betray you, even the person whom you thought won't hurt you will you, that's how life work.

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