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The brief summary of the story entitled, A Very Old Man With Enormous Wings the story tells, of Pelayo and his wife Elisenda, who locate an ancient man with wings in their courtyard after killing crabs in a very rainstorm. Pelayo gets his wife, and that they attempt to talk with him unsuccessfully. They ultimately get their neighbor woman, who informs them that the old man is an angel. She tells them that it absolutely was once on its way for his or her poor health child.

They put the angel within the rooster coop, and through the middle of the night their child's fever breaks. They arrange to let him go, but once they return to the courtyard at dawn the whole neighborhood has arrived to work out the angel. Father Gonzaga soon arrives, declaring that the historic man could be a fake. He promises to induce the 000 truth from the greater courts of the church. the data of the angel spreads like wildfire, and therefore the courtyard soon resembles a marketplace. Elisenda then has the concept of charging a 5-cent price of admission for seeing the angel; they're soon rich. Rome takes its time determining whether the old man is an angel, and while awaiting their verdict, Father Gonzaga works desperately to restrain the group.

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The crowd leaves on its own, however, when a carnival boasting a Spider-Girl arrives in town. Spectators are allowed to question her, and she or he tells them how she grew to become a tarantula one evening time for disobeying her parents. This appeals to the masses greater than a historical-winged man who ignores the people around him. Thus, the curious crowds quickly escape the angel for the spider, leaving Pelayo's courtyard deserted.

Pelayo and Elisenda build a mansion with all the money they need accumulated. They neglect the angel and forestall their baby from reaching to shut the rooster coop. He quickly turns into part of their life, and they now not worry about him. The kid visits him often. After a whilst the coop breaks, and that they allow him to cross around their house, though it motives Elisenda plenty of distress. He becomes increasingly more frail and sickly, and they worry that he will die. He recovers, however, and sooner or later Elisenda watches him fly away, to her tremendous relief.

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