Essay on Abigail Williams Salem Witch Trials

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Crucible is a game about revenge and power. Abigail Williams exploits the whole city to do her bidding, depending on her desire to keep her dignity and eventually have the man she loves. Abigail becomes one of the game's biggest opponents by using his deceptive and favorite antics. Abigail's qualities, motives, and arguments are essential to Crucible's conspiracy.

Abigail Williams can be described in many words. Someone is cheating. At the moment we meet Abigail has been quickly described as one of the 'unlimited distribution forces'. his deception and his deceptive behavior a major causes of chaos in the Salem Witch trials. Another factor is retaliation. Abigail loves John Proctor, but his wife Elizabeth fired him and began to start rumors about him. o come back to him again Finally, John, and Elizabeth accuse him of practicing witchcraft. Also, when Mary Warren tries to tell the truth At the end of the match, Abigail pretends to be spiritually attacked and tries to stop Mary from speaking the truth. Finally, Abigail Williams is selfish. He shows no remorse for causing the deaths of 20 innocent people all because of his will John also maintained his dignity.

Abigail's motives were based on her personality. One of his main reasons for causing the Witch Hunters should accuse Elizabeth Proctor of witchcraft. Abigail believes that by doing so you will eventually be able to with his lover and 'dance with me in my wife's grave.' This encouragement came at the time Abigail and John Proctor started by starting their relationship which could lead to the belief that they can be more than lovers. This encouragement is shown when Abigail accuses Elizabeth of witchcraft and resolves John's refusal to have Abigail and confess her adultery. Another motive for Abigail is to save her reputation. For the first time Times gets to know him, he says 'No blush in my name.' and 'My name is beautiful in the valley.', He Also and then outraged when asked about the rumors spread by Goody Proctor. Also, when found in the forest, Instead of admitting that she is a witch, she wishes to save herself by being forced to do so it. This incentive carries the whole game, as it begins to be sued by witches and continues with everything anyone's game that says girls are cheating on them or trying to cheat them is immediately accused of witchcraft.

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This is finally resolved when Abigail flees the city to start a new life elsewhere. Abigail's motives are directly related to her arguments in the game. The biggest internal problem is that of his lack of self-confidence. Abigail is unsure of her ability to defend John as her own, and she has to plead guilty to the witch's wife with the intent to kill him to have him. Also, because of his insecurity of being poor and his reputation being tarnished, he begins to blame others for lying and This is a little bit resolved when Abigail finally leaves Salem. Her lack of confidence in having the dignity of a 'prostitute' and being seen as a liar

Very much and he runs away. His biggest battle was going to be his love for John. He wants to be with her with all his heart, but she rejects him and calls him a prostitute. He says he “puts knowledge into my heart” and he desires that he should not rend that to him. This has never really been resolved because Abigail still loves her even when the game is over, anyway he rejected her and chose to flee from that heartache.

Abigail Williams' sophisticated character and selfish actions can be seen in all of Salem Witch's writings Temptations. With his personality, conflicts, and motives, he plans to disrupt the rest of the city's mass deaths. Abigail is very opposed to the game and is a doll champion after all events.

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