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Essay on Importance of Music

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When listening to a music concert for children, people see all of the children in the band and choir with their faces glowing like stars and their ears perked to the director. Music enhances the quality of life; consequently, many people don’t understand how important music is in a young person’s life (SP 1a). Why is it so important (Rhetorical Question)? The positive effects of music on children are that music improves social development, increases school credibility, and increases brain development.

Social development is extremely important for young children to learn early in life to better prepare them for later in life. Playing music is both an individual and group activity. Music allows people to come together to perform beautiful music. Children are naturally social and music helps enhance their sociability. Playing in groups, children are able to learn different emotions through different styles of music. As Jennifer Cutler explains, “ It (music) can provide an outlet for emotions and help expand their communication abilities” (Cutler 4). Performing music helps children vent and express themselves when they may not normally with words. The National Institute on Drug Abuse states that children who play an instrument are less likely to have behavior problems or struggle with substance abuse (Cutler 4). Music does not allow substance abuse and aggression into a child’s life through a safe outlet, for it can increase a child’s safe social skill-building to find the right friends with common interests (SP 1b). Early social development is important for young children so they can use social skills learned from playing in groups later in life.

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Schools with higher musical integration sustain higher test scores and improve schools’ credibility. Music can be read like another language. Counting rhythms and notes as math. A majority of students who are involved in music have higher English and math scores. Josh Halliday argues that “ Schools that have embedded music, drama and art into parts of the school day, with up to six hours of music a week for every child has incredible results” (Halliday 4). The results from Bradford primary school with the above program have above-average scores for reading, writing, and math. Before establishing the music program, the school scored 2.4 points behind the average. After integration, the school scores 6.5 points above (Halliday 4). Increasing school credibility will increase funding and student attendance. Above all, an increase in funding can further develop the learning environment and new programs to increase healthy learning (SP 4).

Brain development is crucial for young children to be successful in learning and retaining information. Early integration of music into a child’s life by parents and teachers helps the brain grow and increase sensory reception. In fact, Robert Myers asserts that “ The brains of musicians are larger, and more extensively connected than those of the general population. They also have a superior working memory, auditory skills, and cognitive flexibility” (Myers 7). Myer’s statement proves how early musical integration increases the number of important skills for learning and the ability to handle different situations. Numerous teenagers in high school who are in a music program perform better in their classes and often take AP and honors classes. Reading rhythms and trying to figure them out uses problem-solving and listening skills to determine the correct rhythms. A 2004 study of first graders showed that those receiving music lessons over a one-year period had an average IQ score increase of three points, while those without music instruction showed no change (Cutler 3). An increase in IQ occurs most likely because the brain rewires itself to strengthen or form new neurons to understand learning concepts in music. Music positively affects brain development by increasing IQ scores and improving learning skills.

Music is gold in building a better childhood (Metaphor) Music builds on social skills through group activities and playing together. Musical programs in schools increase test scores and improve school credibility. Also, in young children, early music integration has a positive impact on brain development through music lessons and reading rhythms. Music makes young children into Einstein (Allusion). Next time when listening to a children’s concert, think of all of life, learning, and social skills they are learning.

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