Essay on Interpretation of Racism in ‘The Help’

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Sometime in the 1960s, a lot of dilemmas emerged. There was “the Cold War” and the “Civil Rights”. But the big dilemma that struck me most was the racism from the time of old until now. A movie called “The Help” has shown a very clear interpretation of what racism was. The author Katheryn Stockett, Published the book back on February 10, 2009, before the movie was released on August 9, 2011.

In the small town of Jackson Mississippi, a young lady named Eugenia (Skeeter). I wanted to become a successful writer. So she strived hard to look for people to ask. She ended up with Negra. These Negra's Aibeleen and Minny were the first ones to open up about their experiences with the whites. But later on, several women showed up and finally said what they really wanted to say about the whites.

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For the Characters in 'The Help' the protagonist Eugenia (Skeeter). Wanted to have social justice and freedom for all men and women who lived in Jackson Mississippi. She aimed to gain the trust of Negra which she did. In the long run, she wanted to get a job in a writing company in New York. The Antagonist side they were astounding in their roles. They have completely shown the message of the movie. Miss hilly one of the highest-ranking in the bridge high club abused her power. As the antagonist, she used her potential to become an ineffective leader soon.

What was really interesting was that got all the attention of viewers most of the time. So somewhere at the climax Minny clearly said: 'Eat My Sh*t' to Hilly. What an amazing plot twist. Where Negra crossed the borders of equality and decency on Miss Hilly's face. This is a part where one of the maids finally took a stand to pull off a dangerous yet hilarious scene for us viewers. The part that I disliked what that, they could have at least expanded the backstory of Yule Mae (The maid who stole the ring behind the couch) on what her family was like, on what her main goals were. Stuff like that would have made it more pleasing. Just like all the stories of Minny and Aibileen.

A lesson that I have learned recently is that you should pursue your dreams. Pursuing your dream is like removing your jeans after a busy day of work and just sleeping on the bed. What I am trying to say is that you should become Eugenia (Skeeter) in your village. You should be able to create a change. Another one is that you should be brave enough to take the consequences that are yet to come. These are just baby steps for every leader you know. Might it be a president down to a club leader? A consequence is just another word for fear or anxiety. You are scared to take the risk even if it could make a difference in the future.

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