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The Help’: Movie Analysis Essay

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The Help adaptation of the novel of the same name was released on large screens in 2011, directed by Tate Taylor. According to IMDb, the film's rating is 8 on a scale of 1 out of 10 (IMDb, n.pag.). The film has incorporated many topics and problems that concern almost all of humanity. Even though this is a rather severe drama, there is enough humor in it, which gives the viewer great pleasure. Every detail of the film was worked out to the smallest detail. However, especially in this film, the theme of racial segregation and discrimination is raised.

The fantastic film The Help is a rare example of the 'born for Oscar' genre, which includes two pressing problems in modern society - gender inequality and racism. I believe such pictures are necessary for our society, like fresh air, to prevent it from drowning completely in consumer relations. I want people to think about these problems. It does not matter what it was decades ago. Racial discrimination has not disappeared. It just died down, but from time to time, flashes and burns with the new flame. The film, The Help awakens audiences about domestic racial discrimination that may not have been apparent as what was portrayed in the media during the civil rights movement across the United States.

The plot of the film develops in the South of America in the 1960s. A girl named Skeeter has just graduated from university and is returning home to the small sleepy town of Jackson. Nothing ever happens in this 'hole.' The girl dreams of becoming a writer and breaking out into a big and noisy world. However, a decent girl from the South is not supposed to build such illusions; she must marry and sit at home with the children. The wise and old black woman Aibileen has been serving and raising children all her life. She no longer lives in hopes of the best after her son dies. Young Skeeter's girlfriend, named Minnie, has long been a servant. Minnie's sharp tongue has served a poor service more than once. These three women are united by one thing - they want to find a sense of justice and want to change the order of things (YouTube Movies, n.pag.).

The Thirteenth Amendment to the US Constitution was adopted on December 18, 1865. The first section states: 'In the United States or any place subordinate to their jurisdiction, there should be no slavery or servitude, except when it is a punishment for a crime for which a person was duly convicted' (Memory, n.pag.). Officially slavery is abolished and prohibited. However, we all know that it exists to this day. Even excluding racial prejudice, we are all in one way or another forced. However, it will be about the American South of the 1960s, where racial discrimination raged most clearly.

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Frankly, the topic of racial segregation and discrimination of 'colored' citizens always worried me and caused a wave of indignation. I do not like to judge people just because they differ from us by their skin color - reckless, stupid, and cruel. This picture brightly illuminates this topic and openly tells about the life of a black servant in the homes of white people (YouTube Movies, n.pag.). The endless 'Yes, ma'am' and 'No, ma'am', the humble acceptance of veiled, and even open insults and humiliations, a difficult financial situation, and constant fear for life. It remains a mystery how people did not lose their presence of mind (YouTube Movies, n.pag.).

If we take into account the book that underlies this film, we can see that the plot is twisted around three women at once: Aibileen (who leads the story), Minnie, and Miss Skeeter (YouTube Movies, n.pag.).

The fight against racism is just the backdrop against which the story of courage, compassion, injustice, human relations, love, pride, and arrogance is played out. No matter who the person is: black or white, rich or poor, handsome or unappealing, a person is determined by his inner content. 'Ugliness is what grows within.' In The Help, we can see sleek and ironed young girls who seem ugly. Moreover, we can see an old, hunched over, but beautiful dark-skinned woman whose beauty lies in her immeasurable love for the family to which she devoted her life.

In essence, the film is built on vivid contrasts. There are no gray shades in it. The main character resembles a black sheep among the so-called girlfriends (a stranger among her own). Her attitude to the servants, as to equal people, discourages her friend, the guy he liked. Ultimately, he turned out to be short-sighted, cowardly, and selfish. After all this, the main character begins a new life; also, new life begins people who previously felt like an attachment to furniture, become genuinely free. Only by joining together did they create something new, if not upside down the world as a whole, but the lives of many people for sure (YouTube Movies, n.pag.).

However, still, we need to have great courage to decide to talk about what thousands of people have been silent about for years. When they understand that they can do their part, and try to change this madness somehow, fear fades into the background. There will be sad stories and offensive situations, and sound, good chapters. The main idea is to shout and pull out for everyone to see what everyone sees every day, but some are afraid to speak, while others 'tactfully' pretend that they do not notice.

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