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The Common Themes in To Kill A Mockingbird and The Help

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Harper Lee’s classic novel, ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’ was published in 1960. The novel is based around the 1930s around the time slavery ended but racism and discrimination was very much alive. This would have a been around the same time as the great depression where everyone didn’t have money. Kathryn Stockett film, The Help, was turned into a film in 2011. The film is set in the 1960s when African Americans were still being discriminated and treated differently and working hard labour and were maids. This also would have been around the time Martin Luther King and John F Kennedy were assassinated.

In the film and novel To Kill A Mockingbird and The Help, they both show a lot of comparison between characters such as in To Kill A Mockingbird we have a character named Atticus Finch, Atticus Finch Lives in Maycomb with his family man that he takes care of his two children name Jem finch and Jean Finch (Scout) he is a lawyer and, in the book,/ film he decides to take the case of a African American man named Tom Robinson Accused of raping and bashing a young white lady named Mayella Ewell.

In the film, The Help, a young lady named Eugenia Phelan or her known name (Skeeter) She comes from Jackson Mississippi. Now in the movie she is the only girl out of her so called ‘friends’ decides she wants to pursue a career she decides to approach an editor in New York City with the idea of writing about African American maids in her home town and gets approval to do it. can relate Eugenia Phelan (Skeeter) to Atticus Finch because they are both isolated from there “groups” or town. They both decide to take a path where they will begin to get mistreated from everyone for making this decision. They both are career driven but also have the sense to make sure everyone gets a fair trial and is treated like any other human should. They both are separated and had to choose between the past and their future.

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I also compare Mayella Ewell to Hilly Holbrook they both try and play the victim in both of the movies. In the movie/ book The Help, Hilly Holbrook was raised in a family and relationship where she didn’t have to do anything except cooking and I guess being a stay at home mum while her husband was working. Now Mayella does not come from a family where she was given everything by them, she grew up during the great depression error where everyone was poor and had no money. And she was beaten by her father now these may not compare but they both show comparison in if they don’t get it their way, they will go to lengths to make sure it happens, but this is my opinion in this argument.

In both the novel and film To Kill A Mockingbird and The Help they are both set in different times of the 1900s, but both show how racism had/ has not change since before. African Americans are still treated as they were in the earlier maybe not as brutal as before but still harsh. In the film/novel To Kill A Mockingbird, African American men worked on farms doing hard labour and the females were working as maids. Now this was still around the time slavery was still around and African Americans had no rights to anything. It was so harsh that they weren’t able to get a fair trial because of their skin or ethnic. Now in the movie The Help, even after slavery ended African Americans still weren’t given fair trials and were still working hard labour. Even up to that day young African American men and women of the age of 14 and up were still forced to work in hard labour or maid service to provide money for their family. This was a struggle

Now in both books and films they are both set in the south where Slavery originated from and was still alive. In to Kill A Mockingbird slaves were imported from Africa and the people that sold them would get the biggest and strongest to bring back to America to work on cotton fields. And in the film/movie The Help, it was only a couple years later and not much changed I compare both the settings together because there was African Americans still not getting the rights they should have and were still made to work hard labour. A lot has changed now in society but are still the same me and other people of a different skin colour have to deal with the behaviour that shouldn’t be allowed in today’s society.

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