Essay on Limit Between Paris and His Banlieue

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The urbanization of all cities has a good point and bad point to the city. In history government work and make an importance for urbanization and renovation of the cities, but any government in the world didn’t think about the future, they just think about themself and for their day. Recently, I was born in a Paris banlieue and grow up in a banlieue named Saint-Denis, our problem for people who lived in a banlieue is that, we are ejected from the society. In addition, people who lived in a banlieue have a lot of problem to integrate in society, we can’t go in school in Paris, people are looking badly when we walk in a street in Paris, we are ejected from everywhere. It was not because of the politic of today, it was the problem of urbanization of Paris in the past. Therefore, this situation is because of the Haussmann renovation of Paris which create ‘Les banlieues’ of today, secondly the limit or in another word the invisible ‘wall’ between Paris and his banlieue, named ‘Le Boulevard Péripherique’ and finally the design of the banlieue.

First of all, Paris is the center of the history in Europe, this city has experienced a lot of change during the history, but the big and the final change which makes Paris of today is Haussmann. The transformation of Paris lasted 18 years in the government of Napoléon III in 1852. Paris situation was very bad, like the French writer, Victor Hugo, described for us: “Paris is an immense workshop of putrefaction, where misery, plague and diseases work in concert, where hardly penetrate the air or the sun. Paris, it is a bad place where plants fade and perish, where on seven small children it dies six in the year” (Hugo 1837). The project intention is to give a new life in Paris. The project covered all subject of urbanization, new street and boulevards, new public spaces and public monuments was created, the most important of Haussmann work was his new plan of Paris. Haussmann was divided Paris. In the center and west, offices and bourgeois neighborhoods, to the east and the periphery the poorest habitats and industrial activities. After a longue period, the east and the periphery became the place not only for poor people, but the place of the migrant families, the place of the poorest families, and the place which French society doesn’t want to have an information about it. Les Banlieues were created by Haussmann he doesn’t think about the future, now the problem is not just being poor but being migrants was also a problem, his urban and politic intention by moving people here cause an inequality between Paris and his banlieue. People can’t integrate in society because they can’t have any contact with Parisian people.

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Secondly, in 1956 French government continue also to develop Paris by also ejecting the ‘banlieue’. The big ring road which are between the limit of Paris and the banlieue named ‘Boulevard Périphérique de Paris’ divided completely Paris in two, this road measures 35 km it has 38 doors between the banlieue and the ring road (France Inter, 2013). But as we are rich or poor the ring road changes face. In the North and in the East, it has a repulsive air to the point that we try above all to avoid it. Paris and his banlieue turn its back, a Parisian or a person from the banlieue (Banlieusard) can’t imagine to walk through this urban monster. “The desire to delimit the border between Paris and the suburbs is underlined as part of the reflections on the design of the peripheral by the Inspector General, head of technical services of topography and urban planning. ‘Aris’, he wrote, ‘must be defined in an elegant and precise manner, so that strangers, approaching the Île-de-France, may say, ‘here is Paris’, without confounding it with Levallois, Aubervilliers, Pantin, Vitry, or Malakoff” (Pinçon-Charlot & Pinçon 2007). When I was child, I never imagine that I passed this road. We are obligated to went to Paris with taking metro or car. There were invisible doors between the metro also, when I passed the sub-metro to Parisian metro, the hygiene was different, people looked you like a monster. “The Périphérique, it’s like a rampart, like a wall – but more or less invisible” (The Guardian 2015). As this report says, ‘Boulevard Périphérique’ was the other reasons why people in the banlieue are alone and ejected.

Finally, urbanization and design in the banlieue was gone in a bad way, many architects like Le Corbusier make a lot of work like in the banlieue to solve the problem of housing. The modernism gives another problem for banlieue. The tradition of a city was forgotten, the street, place and district. They use the banlieue like an architectural sheet, the production of big project without any relation with the city, people who lived here are more and more spread they lost their connection to the city. In Saint-Denis (Banlieu), for example, there is a lot of big forums, or we can say an agora, like the project of Le Corbusier named ‘Les étoiles de renaudie’. People lived in this agora, they work here, they go in school here, they went to the doctor here, they don’t need to go in Paris, and this cause that they lost completely the connection with the city center.

To conclude, the urban problem of Paris was the limit created between Paris and his banlieue, people who lived in Paris banlieue have a lot of problem in life because of the problematic urbanization. Solving the problem without thinking have some bad consequences like here, but as said Henri Lefebvre: “The people of Paris will continue to love Paris, a place of corruption, luxury and lust, this fabulous accumulation of wealth that it has produced and which is economically and culturally discarded by relegating it far from the center radiating from city. By the Commune, by the demonstrations and festivals, by the military action as by the decisions of the Communards, he will reconquer his property, and first his city” (1965, pp. 133-134).

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