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Essay on Music

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Music has existed since the primitive years. It has various rhythms and tones that can be found across the world. Music is a universal language that every person from different cultures and races can relate to. It has served many purposes, ranging from entertainment, religion, and self-meditation. Recently, research has been conducted at McGill University in Canada where they found that listening to music will increase the amount of dopamine in the brain – a mood-enhancing chemical, making it a feasible treatment for depression. It can also improve human physical health as music therapy is one of the treatments for Parkinson's disease. There are several effects of music on human health that we will be discussing in depth.

A psychiatrist has considered music one of the ideal treatments for mental health. Music acts as a channel for patients to express emotion, grief, and trauma. It would also aid as a calming agent or boost the patient’s mood. This is because the neocortex of our brains helps us reduce impulsivity with its rhythmic and repetitive aspects. The treatment is known as Music Therapy. It has helped patients that suffer from anxiety, depression, and schizophrenia with their treatment as music is an extension of who they are and how they view themselves in the world. Besides that, lyric analysis is another form of treatment where patients are able to apply the obstacles that they have been through with the use of lyrics. This is due to the familiarity that they feel towards the lyrics when compared to their own set of problems. Music has been proven to be vital for mental health treatment despite the condition of the patient’s mind.

Research suggests that listening to a song does help people that suffer from Alzheimer's or Dementia. Alzheimer's is a disease where a patient’s thinking, behavioral and social skills will continuously decline over the years. People from any range of age can be diagnosed with it. Musical memories are often preserved in Alzheimer's disease because the key brain areas are linked to the musical memory which is relatively unmarred by the disease. Doctors will advise the family or the caretaker to amuse the patient with music that they are familiar with. As it can reduce the level of anxiety, and stress and even provide a way to connect with their loved ones. Alas, there are a few things that the caretaker needs to take into account. For example, the types of tunes and settings. When playing music, eliminate competing for noise like the sound of television and the voice from the outside. Set the volume on the patient’s hearing ability and consider the tunes that are suitable for the settings. Music is sometimes used by doctors or caretakers to jock up the patient’s memory as the tunes may have a strong connection to their past life. There is no cure for this disease but music is able to aid the patient and their family in a smooth and bearable journey.

The human brain is the most complex organ in the human body. It controls our sensory and motor skills which are essential in our daily life. Research about the relationship between music and the human brain has been conducted by Biomedical researchers who there found a visible change in the brain activity which controls motor skills when music is been introduce in therapy. This means that physicians and therapists should use music from various genres frequently during therapy sessions with their patients. There have been doubts about the role of music in brain recovery. Alas, after the accumulation of several clinical and research evidence, the medical associates have placed their trust in the therapy. There are elements of the music being used during open brain surgery where the patients will play an instrument of their choice. This is a rare surgical method used by neurologists as it is a precautionary method to avoid any mishaps affecting the patient’s motor skills. Physicians and therapists should implement more elements of music in medical treatment for brain injury.

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Furthermore, music will also make people smarter. Music has the power to make people smart and intelligent. Most of the smartest students are people who are from a musical background or are music lovers. People who are from a musical background or a music lovers will have the motor skills than other nonmusic listener people. Children who listen to music will do better in subjects like language, reading, and mathematics skills. Children are also encouraged to listen to music while studying during their exams. It will help them to concentrate on their study and it will give them good results. Music will also help students excel in science, understand how things work together, improve language development, increase IQ, improve their test scores, increase brain connectivity and increase spatial intelligence. Mothers who are pregnant should listen to music. It will make their baby smarter. Listening to the music composed by Mozart will give the children's brains a jump start, often even before they were born. Parents should encourage their children by sending them to music classes. It will change their brain capacity and grow. Adults who play musical instruments or listen to music will protect themselves against memory problems. Nowadays, new music challenges the brain more than old music.

Music will affect human health by making us productive and creative. Listening to music will make us happy and boost us to do any work. Office workers are allowed to listen to the music they prefer because it will improve their skills and it will make them complete their tasks quickly. Background music enhances performance on cognitive tasks. Upbeat music is a source of creativity. Music can help us to perform better in any situation. Music is the reason behind all the creative products has been produced. For example, when music makes workers happy, they can produce better work. This is the reason why creative students love to listen to music. Music will increase their creativity level and they will come out with more creative solutions and a greater number of ideas. It will help them to produce creative work. Listening to music at work can make us remember new information. Nowadays, offices encourage employees to listen to music in order to keep their minds fresh, concentrated, and peaceful, bring positive thoughts, and as well increase their performance.

Music will affect human health by improving our mood and reducing stress. It affects human health because music makes us feel more powerful and hopeful. Music will always make us relax our minds. Music is more than meditation and yoga which gives us a peaceful life and benefits to our body and mind. The tone is the most important part of the music. Music composed with major key sounds happy music while minor key sounds sad music. It can change our mood. Music can cause us to feel joyful, peaceful, sad and etc. The connection between listening to music we like at the workplace and improved mood is strong. Listening to cheerful and upbeat music improves our mood. Listening to sad music can help us to heal if we get in touch with our emotions. Music has been a medicine for all the sick because music can also reduce heart rate, blood pressure, and heart disease, in patients.

In a nutshell, music affects us in many different ways and provides us with benefits. When we listen to music, it brings us an amazing feeling in the heart and mind. As we all know “music imitates life and life imitates music”. Music is just like meditation for us which will improve our concentration and mental health. Music toucher the spirit and never vanished from the universe. Listening to music is the power of god. Music is the most powerful tool which will help us to succeed in our life. I hope that parents will encourage their children to listen to music. The music is truly amazing!

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