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Essay on Oedipus Character Analysis

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Oedipus submits the deplorable demonstration of slaughtering his dad and wedding his mom. The sad occasions that follow appear to be well-suited discipline for this transgression. In any case, in Sophocles' Oedipus the King, Oedipus is simply 'an offspring of Fortune' (Sophocles, 1080), not liable for his wrongdoings since his destiny was resolved before birth.

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In endeavoring to dodge his destiny, Oedipus perpetrates his violations unconsciously. He comprehends the grievous idea of the violations told in the prescience so he 'fled to some place where I ought not to see satisfied the ignominies told in that feared prophet' (796-797). Oedipus purposely opposes his destiny out of the expectation that he won't execute his dad and wed his mom - two sins that he attempts to maintain a strategic distance from no matter what. In any case, in his sincerity to keep away from his destiny, Oedipus discovers it. Had he wished to follow the prophet's words from the start, Oedipus would have remained in Corinth, executed his temporary dad, and wedded his embraced mother. Yet, since Oedipus tells the delivery person, 'Elderly person I didn't wish to execute my dad,' (1001) he attempted to save his 'folks' from his awful predetermination. Undoubtedly Oedipus despite everything fears 'Merope . . . Polybus' better half' (990), in light of the fact that he imagines that his destiny will compel him back to Corinth and lie with her. On the off chance that Oedipus is blameworthy of anything it is interesting. He concedes that his folks didn't know about his excursion to the Oracle, an outing that begins him down his way to demolish. At the point when he meets his real dad, he murders him since 'he struck me from his carriage,/full on the head with his two pointed prods' (809-810). Here Oedipus isn't carrying on hate towards his real dad, yet is returning blow for blow, as was normal in the day. The union with Jocasta was additionally a matter of the fortuitous event, as he wins her hand not by bad form yet by sparing Thebes from the Sphinx. While ironically Oedipus satisfies the prescience by endeavoring to stay away from his destiny, one can't censure him for attempting.

While Oedipus executes his dad and weds his mom, he rebuffs himself for his pomposity towards his destiny and to mitigate Thebes of its anguish. At the point when Oedipus gouges out his eyes, he clarifies, 'they will never observe the wrongdoing I had submitted or had done upon me!' (1270-1271). Oedipus is embarrassed about what he has done and understands that self-caused discipline is the best way to correct the issue. At the point when the ensemble guarantees that he would be 'preferred dead over visually impaired and living' (1367), Oedipus answers this is the most ideal approach to rebuff his pomposity. He discloses to them that 'I don't know with what eyes I could look' (1371) upon his folks, 'those two to whom I have done things meriting more regrettable discipline than hanging' (1373). Oedipus, while not answerable for his wrongdoings, feels that he is shaming the guardians that raised him by stupidly resisting his destiny. He likewise understands that he is the reason the city endures and that he 'burglarized [his] hopeless self' (1380) of anything pleasurable when 'I directed all to drive him out,/the criminal since demonstrated by God unclean' (1381). His wrongdoings pre-appointed, Oedipus was a risk to Thebes before he set foot in the city. He would like to 'live in the mountains where Cithaeron is,' (1451) so he can 'kick the bucket by their announcement who looked for/for sure to murder me' (1454-1455). Oedipus requests oust in the interest of the city, with the goal that it will never again endure. Seeing what has unfolded, Oedipus understands that a higher force is answerable for his fate and his violations.

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