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Essay on Rhetorical Situation Context

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According to the literature, the genre of letter writing is non-fiction, narrative, and deliberative. In the letters rhetorically realism is expressed. The purpose of rhetorical analysis in letters is to express the literary realism in the writing that it has an impact on society. It also depicts and reflects the trends in society. The context of the body of the letter is contrary because the Linda situation is based on Young Adult and Women's Fiction whereas Arm Farewell is based on Literary Realism. One letter shows the negative side because it starts with stress whereas the other letter shows the positive side that starts with happiness and gratification. Bitzer's model is employed for analysis and pragmatic and rhetorical implications are drawn. Rhetorically, the message expressed is to be courageous, fearless, and self-defeating, while it seems a step forward for women who have had abortions to be able to disassociate shame from their actions, the message may be perceived as negative to someone. A Farewell to Arms focuses on several contradictory themes: war and love, fear and courage, redefining gender roles, and falling in love with each other.

The rhetorical criticism is why Linda wants to go for an abortion. The explicit argument is that abortion is racist based. In racist ideology, this is a direct result of historical colonial ideas that dehumanized blacks on account of their 'inability to have rational thought'. These arguments have been justifications for slavery, discrimination, and general oppression.

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This above argument fails to address what truly plagues minority communities. America has stories in the past with eugenics and genocide; there is no conspiracy to make black Americans get abortions. Rather abortions are the result of major socio-economic problems that cause people to be unable to care for the child they are bearing. If you want to end abortions focus on fixing the major economic issues which plague minority communities including but not limited to health care, food, education, work, policing, wealth inequality, gentrification, etc. Planned Parenthood is dedicated to “the revolutionary idea that women should have the information and care they need to live strong, healthy lives and fulfill their dreams, no ceilings, and no limits. Pro-abortion doesn’t exist because it is not a hobby though it is a serious medical procedure. People get abortions because they have real reasons to get an abortion. Most “pro-life” indicates that one cares for the social condition of children who are born. Unless you are willing to increase the support given to children, don’t call yourself “pro-life”, call what you are “pro-birth” If someone believes that abortion is murder, talk of the reproductive freedom of the mother is not going to carry much weight, nobody has the right to murder another person. Supporters of abortion rights don’t say “No, this is one case where murder is completely justified”. Rather, they say Fetus is not a person, so abortion is not murder.

The letter interacts with the second artifact in a way that the minority communities use to suffer from abortion likewise America gets weakened and loses greatness when they confuse their patriotism with tribal rivalries. As the artifact is based on real human life scenarios through which rhetorical analysis shows that literary art is based on realism? The differences lie where the lady wants to go for abortion so she is killing humanity whereas the war hero spent his complete life saving the lives of Americans and he worked for humanity. The second artifact is full of devotion to the country and the patriotism that has made him so satisfied and happy at the end of his life whereas the lady in her teenage if gets an abortion will get deep into dissatisfaction as well as put into stress that will have an impact on her health. He lived his life and ended it with pride whereas the lady in the teenage is filled with fear and low self-esteem. Rhetorical Criticism is when the writer's point is to highlight the societal concerns that have an impact on the somehow positively or negatively. One rhetoric is based on fear while the other is based on love. So both the letters are moving contrary. The rhetorical situation here is that the war hero spent his whole life away from his family and he feels satisfied that he is blessed that what he has got owes back to his country whereas the friend of the lady is trying to make her realize and show her the optimistic side of life that conceiving a baby is valuable gift. The constraints are that the lady has the life fullest to live and a baby's responsibility might hold her back from enjoying her life whereas the war hero also served the country as a responsible civilian. In the end, the rhetorical analysis depends on spreading love and fear, selflessness, devotion, patriotism, self-esteem, and humanity. The sacrifices made by the war heroes make them save humanity and the message the writer wants to give here is to live for others selflessly without fear and with love. The war hero's selfless sacrifices make them the hero in the eyes of everyone and the writers want to convey that violence should be ended based on tribal rivalries and save humanity that will give you superiority hereafter. Child destruction is the crime of killing an unborn but viable fetus; that is a child 'capable of being born alive' before it has a separate existence. Both war and abortion involve the taking of human life and both lead to destruction but in the case of war, it is justified for the protection of the country and the innocent civilians. A rhetorical situation is that instead of killing the innocent for no reason it is better to 'live for something rather than dying for nothing'.

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