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The political transformation of the Labour party into New Labour has traditionally been seen by historians as a significant shift, chiefly influenced by the electoral success and political dominance of Margaret Thatcher and so-called Thatcherism. This interpretation has been based on a variety of factors, especially when Thatcher said Tony Blair and New Labour when asked what she considered her greatest achievement, heavily implying that she considered New Labour an accommodation with the politics of Thatcherism. New Labour's Third Way...
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Margret Thatcher had led the Conservative government in office from the years 1979 to 1990 with many achievements and limitations. These can be seen through the way in how she led the country economically, politically and socially. Margaret Thatcher had many economic policies. However one of her economical policies exceeded failure that which was Deregulation. Deregulation enabled hardly any interference from the Conservative government as it was removing the ‘red tape’ to make it easier for businesses to trade and...
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Neoliberalism is the idea that society should be shaped by the free market and comprises a set of economic theories as well as a more administrative, strategical, and policy position. The theory entails that ‘a largely unregulated capitalist system (a “free market economy”) not only embodies the ideal of free individual choice but also achieves optimum economic performance with respect to efficiency, economic growth, technical progress, and distributional justice. Based on 18th-century classical liberalism, catalyzed by Locke, Smith, and Mill,...
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Margaret Thatcher in her eulogy appeals to our emotions to show how successful Reagan was especially during the Cold War. America was in terror and unease but Reagan's humor was able to keep the public together and unified. America is looking up to the President to provide firm leadership and the tone given alludes to people appreciating how the situation was handled as well as his principles and values. Reagan's humor was able to comfort the American people which is...
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Rhetoric Practice While eloquently presenting her eulogy in 2004, Margaret Thatcher honors the life of Ronald Reagan. She speaks to both the American and English individuals, providing them with comfort as she uses words of respect. She emphasizes his respect and initiative by appealing to ethos, exploiting metaphors, and thoughtfully conveying parallelism. Thatcher also applies ethos to concrete her reasoning of Reagan's great character and the devastation of his passing. To begin her eulogy, Thatcher affirms, 'We have lost a...
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In her 2004 eulogy honoring former US president Ronald Reagan, former British prime minister Margaret Thatcher distinguishes Reagan as not only a great president but a great American and man. By shedding light on Reagan’s ability to unite a previously divided nation, Thatcher describes Reagan’s leadership and character through figurative language to lighten the mood when discussing the difficult tasks that he faced without corrupting the country. Thatcher also establishes diction in her piece to illustrate how Reagan’s personality played...
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Thatcherism is known as the political and economic policies brought to light by Margaret Thatcher, who was the British prime minister between 1979 and 1990. Governments of people such as David Cameron and John Major continued to represent Thatcherism after Thatcher's resignation in 1990. The whole idea of Thatcherism consisted of the privatisation of nationalised industries and trade union legislation. On the other side however, classical liberal ideology was committed to individualism, equal rights, and liberty, and in order to...
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The fall of the labour government ended the era of post-war consensus that reigned Britain for over 30 years. Prior to the election of Margaret Thatcher in 1979, Britain gained high levels of unemployment, industrial unrest and inflation which led to the desperate need of radical change. Indeed, the election in 1979 covered fundamental reforms in all areas of society which was referred to by historians as the ‘Thatcher revolution’. It can clearly be said that Thatcher did represent a...
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