Essay on Schizophrenia: Jim Stevens

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This essay will focus on Steven's case in dealing with paranoid schizophrenia while dealing with life and relationships, Steven had a successful landscape gardening business and was in the army reserve, used to be a very active man until his drink got spiked one night and he started hearing voices, he was then hospitalized for 2 weeks and was sleep deprived after being discharged from the hospital, he resorted to taking alcohol which didn't help but the music did help him express all his feelings and voices in his head (Steven, G. 2021). The essay will primarily focus on delivering empathetic care regarding the NMC code of conduct (2018), with good communication and prioritizing people to provide person-centered care and holistic care by professional, legal, and ethical considerations in care and the key professional values in nursing such as Caring, compassion, human dignity, privacy, it will also look into the care provided for Steven and the issues surrounding his care including medications, communications, and support, his care plan, a risk assessment that's been carried out regarding his care. Steven's care and safety should be the main priority and make sure his dignity is preserved and his needs are recognized, assessed, and responded to. (NMC, 2018) Overall this essay will look into what could've been done differently about his care to help achieve a better outcome, will talk about the Mental Health Act, his human rights, and equality in health according to the Mental Health Act (1983). Will also talk about what it means to be a nurse working with Steven, what it means to be an NMC registrant, showing an awareness of working within the NMC code, and the values and attitude in nursing to help Steven's care.

As a nurse working according to the NMC code of conduct, we must uphold the professional standard Set out in the code. These codes are set in place to help us provide the best standard of care to people, to provide safe and effective care to people, promote trust and professionalism, make us accountable for our actions and it also provide a clear, consistent, and positive message to people we care for (NMC, 2018). So it's important to work in line with the code because it's a set of principles that underpins all the practices of nurses and midwives and reminds us of our professional responsibilities (Nursing Times, 2011), which is linked to the professional and ethical considerations in nursing such as our values and beliefs and incorporating the 6 C's into the care that we provide to people. All these values, professionalism, trusting and therapeutic relationship, caring, safe, and effective aspect of care wasn't considered in caring for Steven when he was in the hospital and after he was discharged, which made him very lonely, he had nobody trusted, nobody to talk to, people look at him differently, he had stigma surrounding his health and had a label put on him, they sympathize with him rather than show empathy and support him when he needed the support most. Steven needed help when he was at his lowest and struggling with voices in his head, sleepless nights for 2 weeks, he had no choice but to resort to alcohol to stop the voices in his head (Steven, G. 2021).

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