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General Overview of The Pyramids Of Egypt: Descriptive Essay

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The very mysterious and mind-boggling pyramids in Egypt are obviously one of the many reasons tourists dream of visiting the African(Egypt) country.

Subsequently there are seven known and recorded wonders of the world today, with which the mysterious pyramids of Giza(Egypt) obtains the top or first spot. Personally one can say that these ancient structures are very impressive and wonderful on the eye as well as their era of construction is quite intriguing since no sophisticated technologies were a available as at those periods.

Of course the pyramids, by all, are widely known as burial sites for dead kings (pharaohs) in ancient Egypt but could that be all?

In this article is some very interesting or intriguing facts about the Great Pyramids Of Giza(Egypt), which you probably had no idea about.

To Kickstart it, the first amazing fact is based the weight of the building bricks used in building such great pyramids. It is known to have weighed about 50-ton per brick, meaning each brick weight used in building such pyramids was the same as the weight of a well-fed adult elephant.

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Despite these mysterious pyramids said to have been constructed with over 2.1 million bricks that weighed between 50 tons each, how they were transported and perfectly laid out to fit is where the twist, interest and wonder lies since no heavy machinery and sophisticated technologies were used.

Another interesting side to focus on is the number of workers deployed in building such a great wonder. When the number of workers is talked about, one might think the numbers will be around 10,000, but no, it is said that the number of workers (not just any but skilled and professionals) deployed in building such a figure were amounted to about 120,000 meaning that the combined population of countries like Monaco and Greenland still wouldn’t provide the required number of workers needed.

Akin to the above stated, while the sphinx (an ancient Egyptian god) was meant to protect the dead pharaohs from spiritual disturbance as they alter to gods, the curse of Pharaoh is said to have offered protection to the pyramids and everything in it, including pharaoh’s family and belongings. This explains why many researchers looking to unveil the mysteries of the pyramids have been stuck with bad luck and sometimes literal death, which makes it more intriguing and spooky as numerous tourists do visit the figure each year. Some experts say that the illnesses are caused by bacteria, but the religious Egyptians know for sure that it is more than that.

Consequently, another mind-boggling fact about the pyramids of Giza(Egypt) is the existence of numerous tunnels and mysterious chambers as well as ancient shafts under the pyramids. The tunnels are as old as the soil itself and behold thousands of artifacts. Not many people know about this, as the tunnels excavations are supervised by the Egyptian authorities and the information held with quite a high level of secrecy.

Can imagine an ancient structure built to have a temperature like that of a modern air-conditioner? Now say hello to the most effect ancient air conditioning to have ever been built. Despite the changing temperatures every now and then, the temperature inside these mysterious structures has never gone beyond 20°C. Egypt is a land that faces a very scorching hot temperature during the day, but that has never affected the temperature inside the pyramids. How the ancient Egyptians managed to achieve this high-tech design is amazing and yet to be discovered.

Also, did you know that a single door could weigh about 30 tons? There are three entrances to the great Egyptian pyramids. The largest door and the heaviest of the great pyramids weighs a whopping 30 tons. The door is very well balanced that you can just open it with one hand from the inside, however, you won’t feel the 30 tons it carries. It’s perfectly fitted from the outside that you can’t tell there exists a door at that spot, making it quite a show of human intelligence.

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