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Challenges for the solar eclipse First of all, the solar eclipse is necessary that the sun, the earth and the moon located in the right configuration. Compared with the sun, the size of the moon is quite small. This means that the only possible way to form the solar eclipse when the moon is located on the position in its orbit which takes it closest to the earth. And then in this way, the moon could shed a large shadow...
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There are two main branches of computational geometry: 1. Combinatorial Computational Geometry. 2. Numerical Computational Geometry. Combinatorial Computational Geometry: The main goal of this study is to develop effective algorithms that could solve problems in terms of the basic geometrical objects like polygons, points, line segments, polyhedral etc. There are several problem classes under Computational. Geometry one of which is Boolean Operations on Polygons: Boolean Operations on Polygons: In simple words it is the collection of the Boolean Operations (AND,...
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Societies including Christians, Hindus, Greeks, and Egyptians, saw that explicit models or geometric shapes are reiterated all through nature. These standard precedents and shapes came to be known as sacred geometry. They were furthermore isolated into various numbers, logical conditions and express pictures that the general population of old acknowledged were the building impedes for everything known to humankind. Present day science supports this speculation. It's been found that the sub-nuclear shapes that outline the start of life are in...
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There is not much known about Euclid, the “Father of Geometry.'' We only know as much as he lived around 300 bc, and he taught in Alexandria, Egypt during the reign of Ptolemy I. Although the world still has his works and achievements throughout his books that still remain. He devised multiple theorems that laid the groundwork for geometry, subtlety linking his nickname “The Father Of Geometry” . He even developed a similar way of Geometry that we use today...
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Theorems and proofs both play a crucial role in mathematics as they serve as something more than the justification behind a result. Theorems are statements that can be demonstrated to be true by accepted mathematical operations and arguments. A theorem makes up some general principle, meaning it is part of a larger theory. The process of showing a theorem to be true is called a proof. The two simply tie together as they are both what geometry revolves around. With...
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Geometry is a branch of mathematics that studies the shape, sizes, position of angles and dimension of individual objects and spatial relationships among various objects, and the properties of surrounding space. It is one of the oldest branches of mathematics. The work geometry originates from Greek, geo means earth and metron means measure. Eventually it was realized that geometry need not be limited to the study of flat surfaces (plane geometry) and rigid three-dimensional objects (solid geometry) but that even...
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