Golden Age of Hollywood: Critical Essay on the Hollywood Renaissance

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Over the years technology has made an immense amount of improvements in the film industry. Imagine a life in black and white with no one to hear the thoughts and feelings you are trying to express, all movies in the early 1900s were this way. Now in a life filled with color, we are able to feel sympathetic for the people on the big screen. Technological inventions in movies and television created “The Golden Age of Film.” The early 1930s through the late 1940s will remain the renaissance of film because it was the invention of “talkies” and technicolor two things still remedially used that shaped the future of Hollywood.

In the early ages of film silent movies were all that were viewed and seen. “To provide drama and excitement to movies, live music was played in sync with the action on the screen, by pianos, organs, and other instruments” (Octane 2017). Instead of people using their voices for verbal speaking they would use these methods to create an effect within the film. People during the late 1920s were captivated by silent films because they were gaining a unique perspective without hearing any words. The change happened when “talkies” (movies you could hear) came to life. This wasn’t a good thing for the people during the Renaissance of film, movies were hated for having speech introduced. In 1929 an article by Howard Barnes came out, which assessed the new and improved film; the article said the movies had 'Sloppy synchronization, faulty and frequently ugly sound recording and altogether unskillful manufacture of these early dialogue films drove the cinema's most intelligent followers into voluntary exile from the movie playhouses' (Barnes 2). This review was a major factor in making movies how they are today. The film industry pushed on and created a movie called “The Jazz Singer” and people were astonished by the change talking movies were officially the rage making them one of the films Renaissance's biggest factors. Today movies are nothing but talking, without the constant dialogue between characters the movie scene would be crummy and boring to the paying population.

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Flash forward to the “Dirty Thirties” as they were called, and silent movies were no longer the current excitement, technicolor was being invented. Which was creating a black-and-white life no longer, people were finally able to see films at their full potential. The first known and recorded full-length motion picture to use technicolor was called “Song of the Flame” and it was an opera musical fit for the big screen. After that was created more and more popular movies and musicals came into the spotlight. The age of technicolor “became known and celebrated for its saturated levels of color, and was initially most commonly used for filming musicals such as The Wizard of Oz and Singin' in the Rain, costume pictures such as The Adventures of Robin Hood and Joan of Arc, and animated films such as Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and Fantasia” ( Technicolor was sweeping the nation and no eye was going without seeing the color’s rise to fame. Technological inventions were making the film industry have some of its highest points in fame. A very popular movie “The Wizard of Oz” was rolling in money because people believed it truly had some magic. The magic that was being described was the switch between black and white when she was in her world and the change to the bright-colored world she had just entered. The movie is set in a dream and every vivid detail of the dream is a beautiful sight.

Technology is fast-moving and never fails to continue creating the next big thing. During the early 1930s through the late 1940s movies with talking and technicolor were at their peak. They were new and exciting and with every frame, the moment on the screen got more and more special to the people watching it. Although, “By 1933, the economic effects of the Depression were being strongly felt, especially in decreased movie theatre attendance” (Tom Dirks). It didn’t stop the technology from moving, so they could work on creating something even more amazing. Today we still have the use of talking movies and color is used for everything and both are used for television as well. Without the advancements movies and television would not be how they are today, and the amazing part is it all started with a black-and-white screen and no forms of talking.

Technology has a rapid movement never stops, its advancements to today’s film industry are astounding from then to now. The change in clarity and speech created more accessible and more engaged viewers for the people of film. The Renaissance of cinema was in the early 1930s to the late 1940s because of the invention of movies with actors talking and the invention of technicolor. These things will be forever used in the movie world. In a couple of years with the new wave of technology there will be a new renaissance for the film industry, but who knows looks like your just gonna have to sit through the previews!

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