Sexism in Hollywood Essay

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Dystopia- Sexism? Racism? Homophobia? These are present in all aspects of our lives, especially in Hollywood, it thrives on it. We do not all live in a perfect 'utopia' as we were told by the big-budget movies. In reality, over the years it has engulfed Hollywood through and through. Outrageous is what it is and needs to be abolished.

My viewpoint is that the movies and television shows we watch as children contribute to shaping us into adults and how we see the world. If on TV we only see white males as the main characters, or as the heroes, people could come to think that they have a superiority over everybody else, which of course they do not. How the people are represented plays a vital role in society and how it functions. It generates a very compelling influence on many cultural, moral, and political issues.

Gender inequality is a long-established issue in Hollywood, it not only refers to the difference in pay between men and women but the disparity in opportunities available between genders and the representation of them in the media.

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Racial discrimination is also portrayed in so many films and TV shows, although it has slightly improved, it's undeniable that Hollywood has a predilection for depicting their white American self at its best, statistics show that the roles of minority actors led by Asians, Latinos, and the blacks are astronomically less than of white actors. In 2011 only 10.5% of leading roles were played by a minority actor compared to their white counterparts with 89.5%. This has improved since then in 2019 when 27.6% of leading roles were played by a minority actor, but it still needs to be dramatically improved.

Evidence for the wage gap includes that being nominated for an Oscar increases the man's pay by about $3.9 million whereas females are told to expect an increase of around $500,00 which is exponentially less. Many of the women who have one multiple Oscars still get paid less than men who have won none. Another example is when Sony Pictures accidentally released an email that revealed the pay for the actors in the movie 'American Hustle' it broadcasted that Jennifer Lawrence's co-star made significantly more than her, and another email revealed that she was called a 'spoiled brat' when trying to negotiate for more money. A news source said that Jennifer's comment on the wage gap was a 'bratty display from a wealthy youngster'. If she were a man no such comments would have been said, it probably would have been described as 'business' or asking for what was rightfully his. These situations aren't just a one-off, they are constantly happening and without change, we will be trapped in a cycle that could go on indefinitely until everyone admits what we all know undeniably is true.

A factor that could play into this is the fact that big-budget movies have roles mostly for males leaving women not very many opportunities. The roles that women are offered usually are filled with stereotypes such as; 'objects of desire' or 'mean girls'. In comparison with men, they're offered a diversified selection of roles for instance a villain, a hero, a sweetheart and so many more. Women of an ethnic minority face this issue even more oppressively.

Statistics of award shows are a prime example of concrete evidence that sexism, racism, and many forms of discrimination are prevalent in Hollywood.

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