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Pony Boy didn't cut a representative strip with a huge pair of scissors. S. E. Hinton said he didn't get the way into the city toward the finish of the pariah. Ponyboy didn't get Superman's quality, however, he is as yet a grease legend. Ponyboy is willful and doesn't require others or his compassion. Notwithstanding acting naturally persuaded, Ponyboy is continually contemplating greases, his companions, and families, and consistently discovers more truth for everybody, Ponyboy thinks best about the reason for the issue and the other I additionally recognize what I should accomplish for individuals. what?

This story recounts the narrative of the youthful Pony Boy in the life of a gathering of outcasts known as 'Greasers' in Oklahoma City. Ponyboy lives with his siblings Darrel (Darry) and Sodapop. Curtis' folks passed on in an auto collision, and Darrell took care of his family. After the novel was published, Pony Boy was strolling home from the film. He was a rich child in the city and was halted by a gathering of 'Socs' who had scorned oil. A portion of the siblings of Pony Boy and his companions saved him from the beating. Daly shouted at a horse bow that he headed out to see a film alone. The peruser before long comprehended the perils of the lives of these young men and the pressure on Ponyboy and Darry.

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Pony Boy Curtis, or Pony is the storyteller of S.E. Hinton's epic 'Outcast.' Pony is a multi-year-old sibling of Darry and Sodapop Curtis. After his folks passed on in a fender bender, his 20-year-old sibling Dali was raising a horse. Ponyboy has two fundamental encounters with this story. Ponyboy is more youthful than the different Greasers, and his age is likewise little. In any case, he has a not-too-bad constitution that can work in a reasonable battle. The horse kid is light earthy colored and has red hair and dark green eyes close by. Like different oils, the hair of a horse kid is long. It is squared back and is sometime before and close to. Typically he wears a Greaser uniform: Levis, T-shirt, calfskin coat, shoes or boots, and cigarettes in his grasp.

The storyteller of The Outsiders is Ponyboy Curtis. Ponyboy is a multi-year-old kid with long hair and grayish-green eyes, an individual from a group called Oil. Horse Boy clarified that oil is more unfortunate and more harsh than their opponents' sok (society), which are exceptionally cutting-edge individuals who want to fly oil. The group of the horse kid was called oil. Oil is as tense as a relative. Horse Boy returned home from the film and didn't do something besides Paul Newman. Horse Boy said he jumps at the chance to go live alone because he gets a kick out of the chance to lose all sense of direction in the story. Horse kid guardians were killed in a fender bender and his two siblings were his gatekeepers. Ponyboy has two siblings, Sodapop Curtis and Darry Curtis. Sodapop is 16 years of age, exceptionally attractive, and similar to Ponyboy's dad. As Sodapop is attempting to get him, Ponyboy likes Sodapop more than his folks, than any other person.

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