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Growing Up With Dogs

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As I look back on my childhood, I cannot think of a time when we did not have at least one dog in the house. Growing up I always overheard my parents talking to other parents about the benefits of us growing up with dogs in the house. Recently I completed additional research to understand the benefits of children growing up with dogs in the house for a friend. There were so many things listed, and I quickly became overwhelmed. After completing my research, I found that having a dog in the house is very beneficial for children of all ages.

The first benefits of children growing up with a dog in the house are health related. There are many health benefits for children. Studies have shown that dogs help lower children’s blood pressure, reduce stress, and anxiety. Children are also less likely to develop allergies and asthma, as dogs’ provide exposure to a mild amount of germs. The exposure to the germs increases the child’s immune system to help prevent sickness as they grow up. Owning a dog also helps the child become more active, as the child can become responsible for daily walks. There are so many health benefits for children who live in a house with at least one dog.

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Children also obtain a large amount of psychological benefits from owning a dog. From experience, I can say that dogs teach children empathy and unconditional love. Being able to care for a dog that is dependent on you for everything teaches you empathy. The child learns how to read the dogs needs, teaching them empathy. Due to a dog’s ability to love unconditionally, they can comfort, provide support, and listen to their problems without judgment. By doing so, the child is also learning how to love others unconditionally without judgement. Owning a dog can also aid in increasing children’s verbal skills and socialization. In the past I have observed how a dog’s presence has provided a verbal stimulus to help a child practice talking and socializing with others at an early age. Dogs can provide social, emotional, and cognitive language skill support for children. As children grow older, dogs can teach them impulse control, generosity, patience towards others, and improve their self-esteem. Growing up with a dog in the house has many psychological benefits for children of all ages.

As a child, I can remember my parents always reminding how owning a dog required a lot of responsibility.

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