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Growth Of Slavery In The World

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Some people may not know there is this thing called slaves, slaves were in America eons ago we do not have slaves anymore we didn't have slaves since December 18, 1865, and this is part of what happened. Condition in which one human being was owned by another, a slave was considered by law as property, or chattel and was deprived of most rights ordinarily held by a free person.

The first slave was thrown out of Haiti as far back as 1619. At the time Haiti was part of France. The Africans were kidnapped and forced to be slaves in the American Colonies in the 17th and 18th centuries. They worked as servants and produced crops like cotton and tobacco. Over these two centuries, there would become close to four million slaves. This is how it all began and continued for close to one hundred years. Both enslaved and free Africans helped establish colonies in America. Hundreds of thousands helped these colonies survive this new world. With all that happened this is something that happened in the years with having slaves. America is not proud of what we did but the past is in the past now, So we look back and see our mistakes and we try to fix them but nothing is perfect.

In 1700 the slave population was still rapidly growing, and the growth did not reach its peak until the Revolutionary War. Many of the Southern states went to being major slaveholding states, one of the states was Georgia. Georgia was still one of the ones that were deeply involved in the slave trade. During the American Revolution slavery status became an issue of national political importance. With the colonies split over the idea of slavery. This issue still will not be resolved until the passing of the Constitution that is decades later. In the northwest, territory slavery was made illegal in 1787. Congress created the U.S. Constitution states but they can not ban the slave trade until 1808. The years after the Constitution is passed. People also tried to acquire slaves before it became illegal to import them. The slave number went up substantially. These illegal imports continued for some time after the 1808 date.

The cotton gin was an invention that Eli Whitney and with this invention the slave labor greatly increased. This invention was for each slave who could process a higher volume of cotton with little work for the same cost. Cotton was one of the several major crops that grew in the South this was before the invention of Eli Whitney. With the slaveholding plantations growing across the South because the invention becomes far away the cash crop is almost more than dubbed King Cotton. The fugitive slave law is a law that the federalists enacted. This law is providing for the people that have runaway slaves and if those slaves cross the state line then they could be returned to their master. Many people in the free slave states of New England and Pennsylvania ignored the fugitive slave law. They instead were trying to settle slaves that escaped and treated them as free people. Some of the people returned to their masters. The lucky ones got to stay in the states and they still had to face policing discrimination in housing, and last employment. That all happened in 1793 and threw out the rest of the time we had slaves.

One enslaved African American blacksmith goes by the name Gabriel Prosser. Mr. Prosser organized a revolt for slaves so they could march at Richmond, Virginia. The conspiracy is still uncovered, and several of Mr. Prosser’s compatriots including him were hanged. After that, the Virginia laws against slaves were consequently tightened. With Mr. Prosser’s protest for the slaves, he set a precedent for slaves and handling future uprising events. He and his protest also caused paranoia among the southern slaveholders and this is one of the reasons that shaped the political divide between the South and the North around 1800. Some slaves purchased their freedom like Denmark Vesey. Vesey was an enslaved black carpenter, just like Mr. Prosser planned to have a slave revolt and his intentions with this revolt were to siege Charleston that is in South Carolina. Before he could do so his plan was discovered thirty-four ally’s including himself had the same outcoming as Mr. Prosser was hung. Nat Turner was an African American enslaved preacher who led one of the most rebellions with slaves in American History. His allies and followers including him launched a short rebellion in Southampton County, Virginia. The rebellion suppressed the local militia, the outcome was not the best and Nat Turner was hanged, with Virginia not wanting this to happen again they came up with stricter laws for the slaves that happened in 1831. In that very same year, the Liberator begins to be published by Willian Lloyd Garrison a paper that is weekly that is about the complete abolition of slavery. Mr. Garrison became one of the most known persons in the Abolitionist Movement in history.

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In 1803 the Louisiana Purchase matched its size of the country. This is the period that was the beginning of westward expansion that is going to accelerate the slavery political divide; the port of New Orleans is one of the things that they purchased. At this time the French have recently acquired the port from the Spanish. In the future, New Orleans became a really important part of the center of South slaveholding.

By 1804 each of the northern states has begun terminating slavery or banned it all together some of them were Ohio, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. Even though racism in the North will still be a huge problem for the free black people in the community, the free states also offer a really good escape for many people that are slaves. Around the city of Boston, people started to gain their ground with the abolition movement. That brings us to 1808 and in this year through 1849 happened for starters Congress banned the importation of slaves from Africa. Some uncommon would still arrive with the illegal shipment. The trade within the boundaries of the United States became bigger than ever before. The slave market price increased and the people also began to assemble an industry of it. With the slave states and the free slave states had to come to a standstill regarding Maine becoming a state breaking free from Massachusetts. The free state’s balance in the senate would have tipped due to Maine becoming a state; in Missouri, this state is divided The Missouri Compromise said that Missouri is a slave state but it also banned slavery In the north of Missouri.

In the 1860s with Abraham Lincoln not being allowed to be on the ballot in several states, he became a Republican candidate, was elected president. With Lincoln not being a part of the radical wing of the event, he also has expressed that he has no interest in the rapid dismantling of slavery. Across the south Lincoln, election prompts outraged. At this point, he also declared, 'A house divided against itself, cannot stand. I believe this government cannot endure permanently half slave and half free. I do not expect the Union to dissolved — I do not expect the house to fall — but I do expect it will cease to be divided. It will become all one thing or all the other.' With this happening the two halves of the country are at an irreconcilable break for many people. When South Carolina declared secession then the Confederacy was founded.

There are some other reasons that this happened like fear because of the federal government infringing on its legal ability to keep the slaves they have. Ten other states followed the federal government and all of them declared preservation of slavery on top of there too reason for seceding. Jefferson Davis was the leader of the government they formed by themselves. The U.S. Army troops fired at the fort after they showed up at Fort Sumter; this action was one of the first hostile action that kicked off the American Civil War. By the middle of the war, President Lincoln has made public that he thought that preserving the Union and having slavery end was the same objective.

The Emancipation Proclamation was issued by Lincoln declaring that the people that are slaves in the Confederate states are, and henceforward shall be free” although this does not free the slaves in the border states that didn’t join the Confederacy. They say that they didn’t get the states because of Lincoln’s military authorities as commanders, and that allowed the states to tenuously Confederate the rebel states. General Lee's surrender was accepted by the Union Army at Appomattox. Then the Civil War ended, sadly Lincoln was assassinated. The 13th Amendment made slavery no more in the United States this all made a small movement with everything being equal for the former slaves. On the 19 of June slavery in the U.S. ended when 250,000 Texas slaves received news that The Civil War had ended and that was two months earlier. On this day it was named the black community holiday. This means all slaves were let go but legacy slavery would last much longer. The state would still underprice the black community but all that matters is that legal slavery is resolved.

All of this was the stuff that happened with all of the slaves. The United States is not proud of what we did but the past is in the past. Some people thought that was right and still think that but we can’t change everybody. Everyone is supposed to be treated the same. Thank you and please treat everyone the same.

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