Healthy Eating Habits in Children and How to Develop Them: Essay

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Parenting a child is not an easy task to do. Especially when it comes to a child’s diet, parents must be concerned about the eating habits of their child. Kids usually don’t know what’s good or bad for them to eat; they just eat anything presented to them. In this case, I believe it is the parent's responsibility to take care of what their child is eating. Parents should try to develop good and healthy eating habits in their children. There are many tips and tricks which can be used by parents to train their children for eating healthy and staying away from unhealthy food. All these good eating habits must be taught to children at an early stage because once they have grown up, there is no way to go back and their bad eating habits will remain for their entire life. We need to remember that no one is born hating vegetables and loving unhealthy extra cheesy pizzas; our choices become unhealthy because we are mostly exposed to unhealthy eating options. Some options and ways discussed below help parents build healthy eating habits in their children.

Firstly, and most importantly, parents should be role models for their children. Children usually follow their elders in many parts of life. They might follow their elders in eating habits too. If parents want to build healthy eating habits in their children and do not have nice eating habits themselves, then it is not possible for the children to have healthy eating habits. In this way, it will be impossible for children to adopt healthy eating behaviors. Therefore, to train their children to eat healthily, parents must show them first. Kids will follow their parents' eating habits, and if they are healthy, then they will automatically develop healthy eating manners.

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One more way is to prefer meals at home instead of outdoors. To train children to eat healthily, it is mandatory that they eat healthily at home. Parents would have to separate some time from their busy schedule and cook at home if they want to build healthy eating manners in their children. Once children get used to home-cooked meals, there is no way to go back, and they will always love healthy meals cooked at home. Meals cooked at home can never be compared with any kind of food or taste from outside of the house. That’s why, this should be the prime focus of parents to keep their children’s meals home-cooked. In this manner, children will develop affection for home-cooked food and will request parents to cook for them at home.

Also, it is important to create an eating routine for children. Routine-less doing of anything causes harm. When it comes to food and eating habits, routine-less eating can cause severe harm to children especially. Even eating of a healthy meal without a particular routine can cause damage to children. They might get overweighed because of overeating. To stop routine-less and overeating habits of children, parents must give them a proper eating routine to follow and be strict with them to make it applicable. When children will follow the meal routine given by their parents, changes in them will surely be observed. They will start getting healthier and more active than before.

For the sake of children’s health and to build healthy eating manners in them, parents should visit a nutritionist with them and make them aware that what bad can happen if they keep eating unhealthy food. A nutritionist should make them a healthy and yummy diet to follow, and it would be the parents' duty to implement it. Once the children get to know the consequences of bad eating habits, they will automatically leave those bad habits and would follow healthy eating habits. Of course, they would require constant motivation and a little pinch of love from their parents to keep them following the healthy diet chart given by the nutritionist.

And the last but not less important option is to make meal time some fun. Usually, meal times are not so attractive and friendly for children. Parents have an opportunity there, they can make meal time some fun for children and in this way, children can be taught about good and bad eating habits. There are a lot of options to make a meal table a happy place for children on which they would love to spend time and learn good and healthy eating habits. Parents can arrange some games on the dining table at the time of the meal to keep their children’s interest right on the point. They can either go for a small picnic at a nearby park to have a fun lunch as well as learning for children about good eating habits. Or they can invite friends of their children and have an educative get together with their children about healthy eating.

Despite the fact that developing healthy eating habits in children is not an easy task for parents, it is possible. First of all, they should set an example for their children to follow a healthy diet, support their children's eating routine, instill a love for home-cooked food, develop children's awareness of right and wrong food, and of course, not forget to add a little fun to this important process.

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