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History of Initiation of Columbian Exchange: Endeavor of Christopher Columbus

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I decided to do my paper on Christopher Columbus who was born in Italy in 1451. He was in love with sailing for as long as he can remember. As a teenager he got his first taste of the open sea on some voyages in the Mediterranean and Aegean seas. Gold and spices were the hot items back then. The problem was that they had to travel a long way to get in Asia. People were sailing all the way around Africa to get to Asia.

Christopher decided that he would go on his own voyage traveling West. So he would show everyone that there was a quicker way to get to Asia to get the gold and spices that everyone wanted. Christopher had a great plan but there was one problem he didn’t have a ship to use for his voyage. Columbus went to several European rules to tell them about his plan hoping they would loan him a ship or two but everyone kept saying no. They didn’t have the money to give to Christopher for his foolish ideas. Christopher decided to ask King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain if they would help him out. The King and Queen said that they can loan Christopher three ships but it better be good they said. It will show all of Europe just how strong and powerful they are. Christopher said our three best ships to explore are The Pinta, Nina, and the Santa Maria.

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Christopher set sails in August of 1492, some days were rough on the water. Christopher crew started to think that they should turn back. “If we don’t see land in three days, I'm turning this ship around”, Christopher said. Do you see what I see - land! After they saw land not long after they had finally found Asia. Columbus had thought he had landed in Asia but instead he actually landed in the Caribbean. Christopher had claimed the land for Spain. Christopher head back to Spain to be treated like heroes. They couldn’t wait to tell everyone that they found India by sailing around the world. Christopher went on three more voyages to the new land with more ships and more people. They didn’t just visit the new land they wanted to create a Spanish colony.

Not long after thousands of Europeans were living in the new world. Not only did people move but they also exchanged animals and plants. The exchange of people, animals, and plants between Europe and Americas were called the Columbian Exchange. Christopher voyages were a pretty big deal. After Christopher got back other countries were not scared to send out their own explorers to see what they could find.

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