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Road to New World: History of Early Columbian Exchange

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In the video “Native American Before Columbus”, Christopher Columbus left his home in Italy to go and fight for his vision. His vision was to go to Asia, and the era at that time was filled with discovery and with expansion. Everything all started with the Queen of Spain, she goes by the name of Isabella. She is the most powerful woman in all of Europe. During that time Queen Isabella was desperate to find new routes to head to India, but she had plan to get there.

In Europe however, livestock and agriculture came to be important in the Americas. At the time in Mississippi crops was the fuel for the growth of the population. Once the people in Mississippi knew how to grow the crops, they didn’t have to leave. Potato’s as well were another important food the people ate. In north and south America in 1491 the farmers grew potatoes and corn for one hundred million people. Another important piece in the Americas was that the pigs and sheep were used for meat and for leather, and they had cows that give the people milk and cheese.

The crops where important to the people in Europe and Peru, people in Europe would cut down trees for the them to make fire. The Europeans badly needed space to grow their crops and they as also needed wood. They need the wood to build tools and burning. They didn’t have a lot of coal, they use the fire as fuel. With the wood the Europeans collected, they would use it to make cathedral buildings. The European cathedrals, castles, and monasteries all where made of wood that were collected. However, there was a huge competition for wood, the people who had a lot of money would be making the rules for the wood.

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The money the Europeans have went to cities such as Venice, the richest city. All the buildings that were made in Venice were made from wood. Since the Europeans need trees for tools and buildings, they have run out of wood and fish. They had a huge amount of people in their continent and the Europeans don’t know what to do with the people. At that time the kings and queens will send the explorers to expand their power somewhere else.

Christopher Columbus wants to explore a new place for power, by going to India. Christopher asked Queen Isabella permission to go to India, and she agreed. Christopher gathered people to join him on his journey to India. In October 12, 1492 Christopher Columbus found land. Christopher then stayed for 3 months in the Caribbean not knowing the were another two great continents around him. On Christopher Columbuses second voyage to another continent he brought 8 pigs with him and over 20 years, 30,000 pigs on the island of Cuba. Once the pigs kept growing in the continents, the beginning of the Columbian Exchange happened.

After exploring the new world, people in continent died from a disease. The disease they died from was the small pox. They also found a disease called syphilis that came from the Americas. Then in the 17th century more people went to go to the new world in the Americas. England then beat Spain, and now England is the most powerful. Now England lives in the new world of the Americas. The European settlers and Spanish settlers grew a lot of plants in the free land they had. In the year 1600 Spain grew a lot of potatoes in their continent.

Looking how we are now we sometimes forget we are around nature and maybe sometimes forget that the Columbian exchange happened, but it will live on forever because it paved a way for us, and how we are living now. My opinion on this video is that I was really fascinated about the Columbian exchange, and how the new world was found. Also learning the process, it took the Europeans and the Spaniards to find land. It is also sad that the Europeans took the land of the Indians and brought others to take away their land they found. Overall I found this documentary to be interesting teaching us about the Columbian exchange.

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