How Has the Internet Changed the World

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In this century, with the advent of the Internet, we can study online even while sitting at home. If you have an Internet connection, mobile and computer, you can easily enroll in an online education program. Internet is used in infinity fields like emails, video conferences, mobile phones, social medias, businesses, universities, healthcare, and more sector. Also, the children use the Internet for watching a cartoon, young people use it for watching social media and doing their business, the older person uses it for reading God stories, hearing a God song and watching a TV.

Robert E.Kahn and Vint Cerf were the first to invent the Internet by 1970. The World Wide Web (WWW) is founded by Tim Berners-Lee in 1989. The Internet stands for 'International Network'. It connects the people all over the world. In today’s world life can’t be imagined without the Internet.

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In today’s era, it is extremely getting difficult to keep pace with time. In this scenario, online courses are of great benefit to students, IT students can do work at home, kids are playing with games and watch a cartoon, business sectors can get their online conferences, employers are doing their work online. It is everything that can be done virtually using the Internet. No one even thought that using a computer would make business possible all over the world, but it is possible through the Internet. Furthermore, we already know that in the world there are numerous shopping malls, shopping venues and shops, where we go to buy our favorite things. But it is possible to visit all the shops at once? Of course not, but it is possible to buy different items from different shopping market at a time through the Internet. The Internet now works for getting all information about nature, personal guides, motivation, medicine, treatment, lifestyle, and different types of fashion. On the Internet, there are various types of websites available that provide professional and expert information and tips on different aspects. From the Internet, we are buying jewelry without any risk and we can also purchase it online at sitting home. The Internet is a friend in need and service. Because it is used for booking a hotel, restaurant, train ticket, air ticket online. Thanks to the Internet, finding a job has become easier. There are several sites that allow you to search for your favorite job. You can get all the useful details about the job opportunity and detailed information about the job outline. The Internet is needed to get information about the job opportunity for the foreign market, most employed job, career scope, details about this and much more. The Internet provides you with ubiquitous and reliable information about the job. The Internet has made this big world a small unit where we can get information about anything, anywhere. The Internet has a lot of information on various topic. Many websites provide detailed information about various necessary aspects of life. Search engine like Google and Yahoo help us in accessing this information easily. People now work from home with use of the Internet. There are many works from home job available on the Internet. Besides this many other ways like making YouTube videos or blogging are used to earn money online. Nowadays, the Internet can help map and direct to any unknow address with the help of GPS technology.

Life has become easier due to online shopping and banking. You can watch the latest news from the any part of the world without relaying it on the newspaper or TV. It proved impressing communication using emailing and instant messaging services to any part of the universe. It saves significant time and improves the business interaction and communication. Education has received various types of book and journals are available online from library across the world. Online application for jobs has also become easier because most vacant position are advertised online. The Internet put the concept of ‘anytime, anywhere’ into a higher level as far as learning is concerned. Faster communication speed, lower cost, and paperless environment. The Internet also makes the work life a lot easier.

The Internet also changed the way to communicate with our family, friends and life partner. Now everyone is connected to everyone in a simpler, more accessible, and more immediate, we can participate in our personal relationship using our laptops, tablets and smartphones. Moreover, the Internet is one of the key factors driving today’s economy. No one can afford to be left behind. Even in a rigid microeconomy framework, the Internet will grow, with enhance productivity and comprehensive. Mobile Internet use alters the pattern of device usage. The hitherto familiar ways of accessing the Internet are changing too. The smartphone activities taking up the most time including instant messaging (38%), social media use (35%), listening to music (24%), watching movie and videos (43%), and talking on the phone (32%). There are still changing.

It is impossible to imagine the world without the Internet. It enables us to do things that only a few years ago would have been unthinkable and that reaches every facet of our lives. The Internet is a global system of interconnected computer networks that use the standard Internet protocol suite to serve several billion users worldwide. It is one of the most important technological breakthroughs of the 20th century, and it is necessary for each person. The Internet is an integral part of our life. It is widely spread all over the world. Millions of us two different lives: one is in real-world and other is online.

The Internet is a system architecture that has revolutionized communication and commerce around the world in a variety of computer networks by allowing the system to relate to each other. The Internet gives such a ground-breaking and general capacity that it tends to be utilized for practically any reason that depends on data and is open to any individual who associates with any of its segment systems. In any event, 85% inhabitant of the Internet send and get electronic mail (email). Somewhere in the range of 20 million email messages cross the internet each week. It is utilized in the exploration, bunch conversation on the web, kinship and dating, personal development and downloading documents. The Internet is a virtual systems administration medium that can be associated and utilized on an assortment of gadgets nowadays. It empowers the clients to send, get, gather, store, update, erase, and numerous different activities of the information over the world. The Internet uses are extending its limits each day, as mechanical development is enormous. A few of the major uses of the Internet are e-commerce, e-learning, knowledge sharing, social connectivity, a variety of media, file transfer, communication, etc.

The Internet is today’s most gorgeous source of information and it has changed everyone’s information. Of course, young people spend a lot of time online when there is Internet, because everything seems easy. As my point of view, the Internet did not only change young people’s way of living, but it has also changed the way they feel and think. Communication and leaning, are all accessibility in just one click.


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