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IBM's Huge Contribution to Society

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IBM – International Business Machine Corporation was founded over 100 years ago in 1911. They are massive contributors in the I.T and anything related to computation. IBM revenue was $39.2 billion in 2018 which was generated by the fields they are in which include I.T services, hardware, rental, and financing, etc. They are one of the largest employers in the computing space at a massive 366600 employees in over 175 countries. Their mission has been to develop as well as invent information technologies in the field of computing.

IBM manufactures and sells computer hardware and software. Also, they provide consulting services that help with areas such as mainframe computers to nanotechnology. IBM computers were used in the Apollo mission during 1969 – 1971 which put the first humans on the moon. Additionally, the idea of the butterfly switch was thought by and employee, these switches are used in the majority of laptop keyboards as it provides tactile feedback while being small. Furthermore, they have invented and developed some of the most crucial in the 20th century that we still use to this day.

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IBM has had a massive impact on society as they hold such a massive list of inventions. One such invention is the Relational database, today every company or entity has a database that’s used to store customer or some sort of data. This has made everything more efficient from buying an item online to keeping medical records, as before paper was used slowing down the process of retrieving information. Additionally, barcodes are used everywhere which gives a unique id to a product they are responsible for making the keeping track of stock a simple task, making the customer experience purchasing an item quicker. Furthermore, they made the first personal computer available in 1981. This has had unperceivable consequences from allowing information to be available freely to everyone to speeding up tasks that involve complicated mathematics.

IBM researchers are currently working on making food security and safety better as the population of the earth will surpass 8 billion which means feeding more people. Therefore, an increase in water usage and land. So, they are looking into making the supply chain more efficient and reduce waste as climate change is already stressing resources available to us. They are also researching in the field of quantum computers which is currently in its early days but the benefits of utilising a quantum computer to perform complex simulations with galaxies to increasing security. This is because all most if not all security uses encryption which is basically a math problem, but numbers are very long making them very difficult to crack as traditionally computers take a long time (thousands of years). However, with quantum, they can use an infinite range of values between 0 and 1 making it possible to crack encryption with minutes.

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