Identity Theft: Types, Effects And Preventions

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Identity theft is a big problem for our digital world. It can cause depression, decreasing your wellbeing. Identity theft has a lot of different types, such as driver’s license fraud, online shopping fraud, etc. If your wellbeing is bad, you can have a lot of stress, which can lead to violent emotions. A way we can prevent identity theft is to be educated to make your account secure, to not let any ‘mosquitoes’ (identity thieves) in. Identity theft happens when someone steals your identity by taking your personal information such as your driver’s license. Someone can have a fake identity, to get away from their past crimes. Scammers use different techniques to lure people in, like phishing. Phishing is a method hackers use to lure people into the trap, which is a scam. Identity theft is a very bad problem for our wellbeing and our safety.

What are identity theft and different types of identity theft?

Identity theft is when a person steals someone’s identity. This is when people use your identity, using clues such as license plate, online details, financial details, and online avatars or name. Identity theft is used also in many forms such as driver’s license identity theft, mail identity theft, debit card fraud or credit card fraud, online shopping fraud, social security number identity theft, account takeover identity theft, senior identity theft/senior scams, child identity theft, tax identity theft, biometric ID theft, Criminal identity theft, synthetic identity theft, new account takeover, medical identity theft, loan stacking fraud, auto lending fraud, employment identity theft and Internet identity theft. This is what identity theft is because these are all the methods that are possible for you to lose your identity. For example, a driver's license identity theft, once they get your driver's license they can hack your personal details and steal all your personal information and financial details. Credit card fraud is fairly the most common fraud used to steal someone's identity, a credit card is fairly easy to steal all of your personal details and your identity. It is used to steal your 1. Credit card, 2. Your personal details (name, date of birth) and 3. It can be easy to hack everything else you own and is known for.

What effects can a credit card identity theft and online identity theft are on our wellbeing?

One of the hardest types of identity theft to deal with is credit card fraud. Credit card fraud or debit card fraud is when someone steals someone’s credit card details for their use. It can be very hard for you if you don’t have money. The world revolves around money, and if you don’t have any, your life could be very hard. You need money to buy food, to move around places, and good shelter. `Your wellbeing can be affected because you wouldn’t feel safe. An identity thief will not likely steal your credit card details just for satisfaction. They are most likely in need of money or want to take revenge. Credit card fraud can easily ruin someone’s well being.

If your identity was stolen, then the thief can easily get a loan under your account. The way that works is the thief takes your identity (which can be your driver's license), and then they have your information. Your money, your address, and other personal details. They use your account to get a loan, and when it is time to pay back the loan, your bank tells you to pay it, and the thief gets all your money and you have to explain to the bank that you haven’t got a loan. Another scenario is when your driver’s license is stolen, and you can order something under your name, then, when the thief orders it, the package is delivered to not your address, but the thief’s. Identity theft is very similar to real-life mugging, which can be very bad for you.

Stress is your body’s reaction to bad situations, whether they are real, or you think it is real. You can feel financial stress because if you have kids, you will start to imagine their futures and if you can’t afford their school fees. Identity theft victims may experience similar emotional effects as victims of violent crimes, like anxiety to violent emotions. People’s personality can change from stress, and personality can be dangerous. Stress can make you do things that you wouldn’t do. Stress is proven that it can cause depression, mental illnesses and even cardiovascular disease (heart disease). Your blood pressure can rise, and your heart rate can increase. Some stress is not bad, as some stress can help you accomplish tasks and also protect yourself. Some stress symptoms are changes of your emotions, your ability to think, and your physical appearance. Stress is a very bad issue for wellbeing.

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How does identity theft happen and how does it appear?

Identity Theft happens when you give your details to someone somehow. “Congratulations, you have won the new iPhone 11 pro, click here to claim,” this is likely a scam. A scam like this would seem obvious to be a scam but millions of people fall for it every year. Scammers use different techniques to get the person to agree to it. For a boy who is around the age of 10-13, the ads would be about free currency in a video game, where-as for a mother, they might advertise a scam for baby clothes, etc. Identity theft is used like hacking. People can hack into other people’s bank accounts, act like them and deposit large sums of money. They might even put a bunch of loans under your name. In real life, people can steal mail for account numbers, from a medical or government office or, steal your handbag or wallet for credentials. With your identity, people can access your credit card, acquire free food, bank accounts, get away with arrest and anything that checks who you are or on a sort of credentials. Identity theft also happens when you have subscriptions to sketchy websites. If a website looks suspicious or unusual you should probably find a better website do whatever you were doing. Identity theft also happens when you sign up for a certain shop to get a discount. This sometimes will give you spam in your emails or it can use your identity to use it for a certain reason. Hackers always have a certain reason the would ID theft you.

Identity theft appears in a lot of different ways. For example, it could appear by a pop-up or a certain software tool on your phone that says click here to update your belongings. Identity theft can appear all of a sudden or it can appear when you are not knowing. When you sign up for something on your phone you have all these terms and conditions. Most people are not bothered to read it so they scroll down and press “I accept.” In the terms and conditions, there could be something that says, your details and shared with everyone. It can appear unexpectedly by if a massive pop-up comes and blocks your screen that says something sketchy. One of the easiest ways anyone would fall for a scam is the free-wifi hotspot scam. Some internet networks may say “no password required”. But on the other hand, it will ask you unnecessary questions to “sign-in” or “verify”. A criminal can set up an open-access Wi-Fi hotspot in a coffee shop or airport or anywhere that’s connected to his or her laptop. Once you join, this person has access to your computer and mines it for financial and personal data. That’s how wifi hotspot works. How to avoid it. Do not click on any links in pop-up ads. Install a robust, trusted antivirus program on your computer and run it regularly. You may also install pop-up/ ad blockers on your browsers to prevent these scams from ever reaching you. Keep the important files on your computer backed up to an external drive, just in case. This is how identity theft happens, and how it appears.

How can we prevent credit card identity theft?

First of all, why is identity theft such a threat? There are thousands of hackers in Australia, capable of getting into your account. In just one year, there were over 16.8 billion dollars stolen due to identity theft and unauthorised withdrawals. If your identity has been stolen or you are worried it will be stolen you can follow these steps:

1. If your identity has been stolen, it was likely for your bank account details to steal your money. The easiest way to recover from this is to first contact the bank or companies involved. 2. If your identity has been stolen, and you contact the company you can be protected by the Fair Credit Billing Act. This lowers the money lost from an unauthorized person being in your account, so instead of losing $1000, you could only lose $50. 3. Another way to stop an identity thief can be connecting a credit fraud alert on your credit report. This will warn you and the banking company about a potential identity thief on your account. The good thing about this is, it’s free and will remain on your report for the whole year. 4. Check your credit report frequently. This is one of the most simple things you can do but also one of the most effective. Checking the report once every few months and reading through for purchases you may not have made. To help fight against identity theft, you should contact the police. As you know, the police have strong hackers and systems to catch and find an identity thief. If you try to catch them yourself, you could end up losing even more money… or worse.

How can we prevent online identity theft?

Identity theft is different because Identity theft is when someone steals your personal values online, or in real life. While credit card fraud is when a scammer or a hacker steals your credit card details. The main that identity theft is when someone acts like they are you, but on the other hand credit card fraud is when they steal your credit card details and uses them to buy stuff or do whatever they want on it. The hackers or scammers get your details very easily and you wouldn’t even know it. An example is signing into unusual things or subscriptions. There is a non-safe system where you can get an app on your phone and then you can get access to these green bikes that you can find everywhere. Hackers can easily hack that system then from there hack your phone and then all your personal items. Online identity theft is an extremely common occurrence and can lead to either annoying of catastrophic consequences. Important information is easily accessed without a strong firewall. Firewalls aren’t often used with home wifi networks though government intel and modems are more secure.


In conclusion, identity theft is harmful to your wellbeing, your values and your expenses. Identity theft appears when you give or someone takes your details and uses it for themselves. Identity theft can happen tangible, or intangible. It can happen anywhere. Identity theft appears to affect you deeply, this can lead to a severe depression issue to having anxiety everywhere you go. It can make you go through many emotions but depression is a severe danger especially it if it suffers in your daily life. The feelings you get are anxious to catastrophic and this has a big impact on your well being. In the end, Identity theft can be an easy lure to you and you can get your personal details stolen, your account hacked and you will probably see a lot of weird things that the scammer has bought. The final statement if that you should always keep your personal details to your loved ones and the people you trust, “Zero Trust” is a good system that can lock up all your details and if the hackers get past your fire-wall this will secure it to the max.

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