Impact of Impressionism on Artistic Heritage: Analytical Essay

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Like any other forms of art movements, the impressionism art movement came about to defy and challenge the status quo of the current art establishments. The realism art movement that preceded the impressionism art movement followed strict neo-classical guidelines and must conform to certain mathematical and academic rulings. Realism artists are also instructed to follow preestablished composition methods, colors, perspective, light and shade, etc. The impressionism movement emerged to convey that there are other ways of creating masterpieces that express the ideas of artists by displaying landscapes and people to dissect certain societal and environmental topics.

The art movements known as Dada, Surrealism, Fauvism and Cubism have all descended from the impressionism art movement. An incredible case of articulation of Post-impressionism is evident in Fauvism. As indicated by Spivey (n.d.), Fauvism is 'emphasized the expressive capability of shading, not established on an article's characteristic appearance'. A famous Fauvist artist goes by the name of Henri Matisse, who made the 'Luxury, calme et volupté', 1904 and Vlaminck's 'The River Seine at Chantou' (1906), the two of which seem to 'reflect the unimpeded, dynamic brushwork of Impressionism'.

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Harris and Zucker ascribe Cubism by mentioning that the pioneering of Cubism was in excess of an influence, it was a challenge to have split away from cultured, mechanized points of view of Impressionism. They reveal that Braque attempted to disrupt the illusion of depth by confining the viewer to observe the canvas not as a window but rather as what it really appears to be, however as a perpendicular curtain. In canvases, for instance, Houses at L'Estaque, 1908, Braque reorganizes the type of the buildings, yet in addition, overturns the irrefutable declining covering with the trees that rule over even the most unreachable constructions.

the Impressionism artistic movement was responsible for the forming of all modern art we see today since they’re all considered different reactions against it. They are all seeking to break free from the traditional and challenge the conventional standards applied to the art and painting styles. The most famous artists include that created art pieces as a reaction to impressionism are: Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Claude Monet, Edouard Manet, Edgar Degas, Paul Cezanne, Mary Cassatt, and Camille Pissarro. Each artist is different and unique that helps shape the Impression movement. 'Most of the artists from France and many other, break away from the traditional style that is encouraged by the government and The Academie des Beaux-Arts,' (Samu, 2004). This is often gloomy with a palmer palette, with themes that often depict religious themes or portraits. But these styles are very limited, both with color palettes and for the unique brush strokes and styles of the artist. Impressionism branched out against these rigid forces, instead of supporting a bold and vibrant color palette, visible brush strokes, achieve in their movements. Each artist contributes his thoughts, brushes, and talents to give form and meaning to movements that do the same for the arts community and the world as a whole. Without Impressionism and Post Impressionism our artistic heritage will not be as rich and fruitful as it is today.

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