Important Mathematician And Scientist Isaac Newton

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Sir Isaac Newton was many things. He was a really important mathematician and scientist. He discovered many things, but his most important discovery was actually his work on gravity! During this essay, I will speak about his life, all his major contributions to science, and why he’s still important to us today.

Sir Isaac Newton was born on January 4, 1643 in the UK. Two months before he was born, his father unfortunately passed away. Then when Isaac was about three years old, his mother decided to marry another man and moved away, leaving him alone together with his grandma. He had 3 siblings, 2 sisters and 1 brother. When Newton was around 12 years old, he was sent to a school to be taught. After his stepfather died, his mother came back and tried to take him away from school to help out on the farm. He didn't want that, he wanted to continue learning in his school, and that’s when he had an interest in science and math. When he grew a lot older, he made some huge accomplishments. He died on March 20, 1727 in London, England.

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One of his biggest accomplishments ever and is still huge present day was his work on gravity. He also discovered the color spectrum and developed the three laws of motion, but now I'm going to focus on what we call gravity. Newton actually discovered gravity while in quarantine. He did this because he saw an apple fall and he wondered about the forces of nature. He thought of what could be pulling the objects down, so he called this force “gravity.” Gravity is a force that can make two or more objects move together. It also makes objects fall down instead of floating, and this is how we keep our balance. Here is a little bit of information of what the three laws of motion are, for each action there would be an equal plus and opposite response/reaction. Sir Isaac Newton also constructed the present day telescope!

Isaac is still important to us today because he helped us to see beautiful views with the telescope. He also, like I said before, discovered what we call gravity. His discoveries helped us understand science because we now know that everything must fall down now because of gravity. Newton helped us to understand that the earth’s gravity can actually be strong enough to hold us into an atmosphere. This is because our atmosphere has some weight. When there is more mass, there is more of a gravitational pull. The reason we are staying up in the atmosphere is because of gravity. If two objects are really close it can have a stronger pull.

I liked how I learned about gravity. I knew a little bit about it, but I never knew who or how gravity came to be. I also liked that Newton discovered gravity by a falling apple, because that is very random to me. Nothing connected to our science class this year, but last year or a few years ago, I do remember learning the terms of gravity. This is his life, major contributions, and why he's important.

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