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Infertility: Psychological And Social Effects On Men And Women

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In this research assignment, I will be discussing infertility. The definition of infertility is the inability of a person to reproduce by natural means. An infertile woman can get pregnant however they might not carry the fetus or the baby to full term. There are infertile women who may have a stillborn child.

This shows that a woman being infertile does not only mean that the woman cannot get pregnant it also means that there may be a few complications when it comes to the pregnancy like what I explained at the top. Women can get pregnant but they may not be able to carry the baby to full term or they might get a stillborn baby.

However infertility does not only occur in women it also occurs in men, but men can also be infertile but a lot of people do not know that by conducting questionnaires and handing the questionnaires to different people they will be able to know more about infertility and how infertile people deal with their inability to have children. My research will be based on articles from infertility books, the internet, and opinions of different people from questionnaires and an interview.

I will also discuss the effects that infertility has on men and women, psychological and social effects. Most people do not know that infertility can affect a person negatively, there are people that still ask “why don’t you have children yet” not realizing that this is a very sensitive topic and people should be careful and not just ask this question without knowing that personal information as that could hurt the person. In men, they are not considered to be ‘men’ if they cannot have children and that can cause people to disrespect them especially their family members. In women, they can also be seen as ‘less’ by the husband's family which can cause the woman to be depressed or commit suicide.

My aim with this research is to educate people on infertility and to show them that infertility has an effect on both men and women.

Primary infertility is when a couple cannot have a child at all no matter how hard they try and secondary infertility is when a couple cannot have a child after their first child due to problems or complications in the first pregnancy. This proves that what we know about infertility is enough not a lot of people know about the two stages of infertility, not many people know that you can be considered to be infertile even after having a child. This proves that more people need to be educated about infertility.

There are different reasons or causes of infertility. Infertility can be caused by an infection in the female or male, obesity in both the male and female studies prove that obesity can increase BMI which can then decrease sperm concentration and this causes damage in sperm (this is found in males). However being underweight can also cause infertility, when men are underweight they have low sperm concentration, and as we know the sperm is very important in producing a baby. Smoking and drinking is also a factor when it comes to infertility, low semen quality, and low sperm count. Low sperm count can be caused by different things it can be caused by drugs, radiation, and infection. Hormone imbalance can also be the cause of low sperm count; low sperm mobility is also one of the reasons for infertility, this is when the sperm cannot reach or swim to the egg as fast as it should or when the egg is released. Infertility is not just caused by these hormone imbalances in the male but can also be caused by environmental factors these factors being toxins such as glue and chemical ducts.

Going for a check-up can be very important when it comes to knowing whether you can have children or not. Males should also consider that they can also be infertile and that it is important for them to check their sperm count and check whether their smoking and drinking do not affect their ability to have children. Men have to be careful of the environment that they are in as that can lead them to infertility as I stated that toxins such as chemical ducts can lead to infertility however it can be difficult for men who work in

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This information shows or proves that infertility does not just occur in females but can also occur in males. Most of the time males do not consider the fact that they may be infertile which they should as infertility does not have symptoms, you cannot see whether a person is infertile or not.

In females there are more causes than in males, these causes can be age, being overweight, structural problems in the fallopian tube, or uterus problems. Endometriosis is common in women in their mid-twenties polycystic ovarian syndrome, uterine problems, tubal blockage, pelvic inflammatory diseases which can be caused by TB. If the egg does not work at an optimum level it can also cause infertility, if a woman cannot ovulate this can cause infertility as ovulation is needed for producing.

With regards to an age when a woman gets older, it gets more difficult for the woman to conceive, an older women can still conceive however not everyone can be that lucky. There are other causes that are not well-known by people, causes such as (POS) polycystic ovarian syndrome which is when the eggs only develop partially within the ovary. In most cases infertility is caused by ovulation problems this becomes a problem in most women and there are no symptoms for that, they find out when they are trying to conceive. There are no symptoms that show or prove that you cannot have children. In men and women, there are no symptoms that is why it is very important to go for check-ups regularly,

When doing this research I conducted a survey which I sent to six people. Four are females between the ages of 18 and 35 two are males aged 23 and 35. They all had different opinions when it came to this topic.

The first person that I sent the questionnaire to said that there were no symptoms when it came to infertility however the next person said that there were. They included these symptoms changes in the cervix and breast tenderness, abnormal periods, bleeding is heavier or lighter than usual and pelvic pain. I then conducted an interview with a nurse to know how different people deal with infertility; there are people that do not handle the news of being infertile well. Most people do not deal well with the news of them being infertile. I asked more questions concerning infertility than I did with the questionnaire as she is a professional and deals with these problems on a daily basis.

I got six different articles concerning infertility and made a summary of them these six articles were about infertility however they did not have the exact information. Every article was written by different authors, although, their points were similar, they did not have the same explanations, each article had its own explanation and reasons as to why they wrote what they wrote. I got all of these articles from google however these articles were not just published, they were reviewed and checked by professionals so that the articles could be valid and that they don’t give people incorrect information.

What I gathered from this research is that most people are not well informed about infertility, I sent the questionnaires to ten people however, not all ten answered as they said that they do not know anything about infertility this shows that more people still need to be educated about infertility, the causes, symptoms, and treatments. On this page, I explained all the information that I gathered from asking people questions and conducting an interview.

There are different sites that speak about infertility there are different researches and researchers that speak about infertility. In all these sites there are different symptoms and different causes of infertility. On other sites, they do not say that depression can cause infertility in males while on other sites (ScienceDaily) they prove that depression can indeed cause infertility as it affects a lot of different things. Depression can reduce sexual desire and they can have a low sperm count.

In women some sites do not include that women who breastfeed more than 5 months can have more children than women who did not breastfeed at all, therefore, it is important to look for information on more than one site than one can be able to gather all the information and have a review.

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