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Informative Essay on Electric Cars

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Not too long ago, the government announced that they will prohibit the manufacture of diesel and petrol cars as quickly as 2030. This will have a huge impact on a variety of different things including the next generation of car enthusiasts. The manufacture of Hybrid cars that use both electricity and petrol, will also stop by 2035 which is also fast approaching. From the first electromagnetic device for cars being produced as early as 1828, the popularity of electric cars has grown tremendously. Understandably, cars have experienced various stages of development over many years. Since the production of the first electric car in 1884, the manufacture and ownership of these have grown and continue to rise. Although these cars may be beneficial to some, the negative impacts are also a concern and something I feel strongly about. These impacts include the extensive advancement of technology, the staggering costs of these cars, and the effect it will have on people who have committed themselves to work involving only non-electric cars.

Electric car brands such as Tesla are advertising their product to be safe and convenient with more and more advanced technology and durability. Tesla is one of the oldest electric car companies founded by Elon musk in 2003 and as the years go on, the technology found in Tesla continues to be advanced. This was especially true after the introduction of ‘Full self-driving capabilities’ - a driver assistance system that allows the car to drive automatically without the support of a human being. Despite this recently becoming an illegal act several countries still permit this. Many blindly trust this technology and fail to acknowledge the potential risks of accidents and malformations that do come with it. Additionally, the electric battery of a Tesla makes minimum noise on the road. This can have a downside as Pedestrians may have trouble realizing a Tesla is approaching which can lead to many fatal incidences and injuries. Furthermore, a battery of an electric car must be recharged frequently and the privilege of making electricity portable is something that is yet to be developed. Until then, this will continue to pose a big problem, especially when there is no charging point nearby.

Tesla is not the only electric car company. In fact, there are many companies that sell both electric and hybrid cars and many others that are looking to sell only electric cars. Consequently, in 2018 the number of electric cars worldwide rapidly increased by 64% (from 3.4 million to 5.5 million). This is a dramatic rise which emphasizes the persistent popularity these cars bring. Evidentially, electric cars are significantly more expensive than those that are petrol or diesel. For example, a ‘Volkswagen Up!’ is £13,310 whereas a ‘Volkswagen e-Up’ is £21,055. How could someone struggling financially possibly be able to afford such a difference in price? Whether the car is bought new or second-hand, the price will always be high, and the issue of reliability still stands. A regular vehicle can drive several miles without any problems but for electric cars, it is slightly different. Some manufacturers of electric vehicles have a limit for the longevity of a car battery and as a result, must be taken back to their dealer to get replaced. Although this is rare, additional costs add up and that must be managed which is exceptionally troublesome for some.

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Electric cars need time to recharge. Depending on the charging point and size of the battery, the charging time can take around 30 minutes to 12 hours to fully charge. This can be very inconvenient when in a rush and unable to spare some time. In contrast, filling a tank with petrol or diesel takes much less time, and technical errors that might be encountered at a charging point, are not a concern.

The eradication of petrol and diesel car manufacturers will have a great impact on the passion and interests of Car enthusiasts or ‘Petrol Heads’ a nickname these fanatics are more commonly known as within the car community. These individuals strictly oppose this new law of only manufacturing electric cars from 2030 onwards as they will lose continuous access to the beloved engines, which they thoroughly enjoy modifying in order to produce something they can adore and cherish whilst driving. Electric cars only contain batteries and how exactly would someone modify a battery? Many people throw themselves into doing manual labor as a form of therapy or even as a coping mechanism as it poses a good distraction. This can be the thrill of being able to change and alter something in order to produce a monumental masterpiece that they can show off. The loss of a hobby and passion they hold so dear can be very damaging and simply unfair.

A battery and an engine are so incredibly different. A person who has spent their entire life devoted to fixing and maintaining engine-powered cars would find it exceptionally difficult to transition to a completely different mechanism. With a rise in the popularity of electric cars and with the new law coming into place, traditional mechanics and car electricians could potentially be out of jobs and experience unnecessary struggle. The business of buying and selling cars will be greatly impacted. For example, with the popularity of electric cars rising, Car traders would have to completely change their stock from petrol and diesel to fully electric cars if they would like to sell cars to others and not only car enthusiasts as the value of secondhand non-electric cars are expected to ‘plummet’ as 2030 approaches.

Being restricted to only the ability to purchase an electric car when looking for something brand new, strips the privilege of having a personal preference. From 2030 onwards, people who are thoroughly passionate about modifying and mechanically changing cars would struggle to fulfill their desires. Individuals who make a living from fixing cars would suffer as the internal structure of an electric car is so different that they would have to turn back to basics before being able to proceed. Electric cars are significantly more expensive both new and second hand which does pose a big problem for buyers. Similarly, car traders would have to completely change their stock to fit the needs of buyers and such advancement of technology through these electric cars can also have a downside. Overall, this law is incredibly unfair and negatively impacts a variety of different things.

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